The day Glyn Bozo got booted (one of many) . . .
- Many many, hehe.

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I still remember an odd message coming from Chuck a few years ago.

Heard Glyn got booted from one of the Dongguan groups from creating a ruckus”, he went, which was funny he was messagaing me about it (on two fronts) – because one, I had not replied to, given the whole trolling thing started by Glyn and Charles knew about it, but never told me, Charles’s prior messages of “have you heard from Glyn”.

Which those messages to a degree were warranted, the last anyone had heard of the Bozo then (it was after Chinese New Year, and the Bozo threw a massive hissy fit after drinking all of Charles’s beer and eating all his food or what not and as was normal, disappeared for ages after that – this was prior to him showing back up and getting kicked out of Charles’s beer house which he broke into – in his underwear, face down on the street in Jieyang, China) was a massive fit after he apparently couldn’t find a hair dresser or some nonsense.

I still remember thinking when Glyn sent me some hysterical messages about “it’s Chinese New Year! The whole place shuts down, I can’t even find a barber!”

Given his bald pate, I don’t know why he’d even need one.

Anyway…. (yeah, the Chinese New year thing is OVERStated these days, its been that way for the past few years). Used to be in China, when I first showed up in 2004, nigh on EVERYTHING would work until the actual festival itself, and even then, things would keep working to an extent.

People were interested in making MONEY.

Over the last five or six years, damn near everything shuts down months before, and doesn’t open until a month later, and we’re not even talking COVID – and it ain’t because, as people think “the Chinese have too much money”.

Like the Bozo does, a lot of them infest the public spaces, parks, and create a ruckus and ungodly nuisance during public holidays, festivals etc as opposed to “having too much money and spending it loudly” as people think.

Some do, yes, but not the majority by a long shot…

Anyway, Bozo – that was the last we heard of him.

And one fine afternoon, while I Was tutoring not one, but two lovely ladies “at home” (I’ll let you guys figure the rest out), Bozo showed up in a wechat group I was part of, and “invited” Charles, and another fat Filipina dame into the group (the Filipina was one of these dames the Bozo conned and stole money from – one of those lonely old ladies if you get my drift that fell for the Bozos scams and she was the one that … ah, we’ll get there) …

I remember thinking “there reappears the pestilence”, but didn think much of it.

Finished the class.

Ladies trooped off home with their usual “bye bye Michael” …

And then I saw it, Glyn’s fat Filipina “old lady” started trolling the group, no doubt egged on by Bozo behind the scenes with nasty racist memes of myself (the same ones I wrote about so much – which is weird, a Filipina doing that if you get my drift??) ….

Now, I knew the group admin on a professional level.

He’s been viciously trolled and attacked too, so the trolling was something I always kept an eye out (I wasn’t paid for it, no, this was just an unspoken quid pro quo thing I had going on with Steve i.e. you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours) … so I contacted him, sent him several lengthy messages about the whole situation, and he rather unceremoniously booted the Bozo and the other two out (they were getting called out by everyone in the group anyway).

Then Charles’s message came in.

I remember thinking well Gee Whiz, Chuck, YOU were a part of the group, so wouldn’t you say “we got booted”, not “Glyn got booted”?

Interesting how Chuck, and some people phrase things occasionally.

Of course, he’ll probably claim he didn’t know about the group.

Which is BS, as he was there in it. Of course, wechat has this strange feature where sometimes people are just pulled into groups they never accepted an invite for, so who knows. (there, Chuck, I gave you the perfect alibi, lol).

Anyway Glyn has been booted from many a place – and country so to speak.

Deported from China, booted out from Hong Kong, and I suspect the Philippines as well where he tried to do his impersonation of the great Shantaram in a slum there, but of course failed miserably.

He did manage to cheat several women while he was there though …

Anyway, getting booted.

It’s great when group admins, and admins in general do their job and promptly remove undesirable elements from ANY group.

One bad apple truly does have a terrible influence on the rest.

I do the same thing with no apologies in all my great Wechat groups too, groups people have offered to pay for – big money, and I’ve stood out – ie. I do it for a reason other than money.

Anyway, and again, so, why do I tell you all this, you might ask.

This morning, the same thing happened – rather unceremoniously – with a gentleman “Rodney” from down Under in the great 0 Excuses Fitness group

He did what some other smart alecs in the past have tried to pull i.e. sign up, and then go on a downloading SPREE – and then of course, want a refund.

Now, look, pally.

The NO REFUNDS policy for ANY REASON is very clearly spelled out on the site in several places.

No ifs, buts, and maybes. Thats how it is.

You don’t go to a Michelin star restaurant, fill your belly with everything – remember those buffets I used to go out to in China, and before in the US? Haha – and then want a refund.

Simply doesn’t happen, period.

Not to mention the Ship is a great, great deal to begin with – you’re literally getting products for HALF price – and a membership that lasts for the entire year and beyond ,which includes all new products we come out with – and thats a lot, as you know!

And the forum, and everything else.

And if you’re so cheap and pathetic that you download everything, then claim (like a certain “Feetus Fotis Chat” once did) “I signed up by mistake” (which is just pathetic ie. MAN The HELL UP!) … then NO, you’re not getting a refund.

And not only that, I blocked him from rejoining the group again.

This sort just pisses me off big time.

Ya’ll know that, of course.

Anyway, I’m out.

Be sure and check out the Ship membership – a lot of you can save a lot of money on our products by getting the membership – and get more benefits along with it too.

And, if you choose to simply get a product at a time which many of you do – well, our rewards section is right here.

Have fun!

I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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