My penchant for injuring that right thumb. .
- Speaketh again, hehe.

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So, I done “did it again”!

Remember that nasty ole injury that happened in 2018? That thumb injury where the thumb literally popped in and out?


I literally heard it doing that as I almost collapsed during fingertip handstand pushups – during the cold and sleet in Southern CHina, which it was so cold that my hands were almost half frozen to begin with (after a long session of Advanced Hill Training on the hill – in the rain and sleet!) – nothing if not nuts am I!

Anyway – nuts in a good way eh.

And today, it happened again, except not the thumb.

Towards the middle of the forearm, I heard a nasty CLICK this afternoon as I was putting together a laundry rack – and to be honest, it was my fault.

My strong grip means I attempt to do with fingers and thumb what most would put their body into – such as opening tight metal containers, or hard to open jars, or even swinging heavy clubs sometimes, though you should use your whole body to do it, I’ll often (if I’m exhausted) muscle it through with grip alone (which you shouldn’t do!).

And yesterday, I did some running and walking (a special Advanced Hill training Combo) – and monkey bar work.

And thick bar pull-ups, so I was exhausted anyway, plus for some reason no sleep, and an extremely hectic day, and well, it happened.

It’s probably a sore tendon or something, not quite a tear, perhaps close to it.

Most would ice it.

Most would have gone to the doctor for that thumb – seasoned wrestlers and army men were telling me to!

Instead I did fingertip pushups on it

Hey, the next day – or two days later – was my birthday.

There was no way I was going a birthday without a mighty pushup workout, come what may, rain, hail, snow, or extemely painful swollen up to 5x its normal size thumb and palms!

Literally, the palm at the base of the thumb had turned BLUE – and stayed that way – curiously enough, the very thing I was told NOT TO DO – physical activity – turned out to be the best thing TO DO!

Got the blood moving, and today, not a trace exists of an injury which everyone said would never really go away.

Anyway … today?

The  minute after that nasty click – my first thoughts?

Gosh, I wonder if I can still do fingertip workouts.

And though it hurt like a motha, I finished installing what I Was with the thumb anyway (it was pushing down with the thumb – I should have put my body into it), but…

I can even feel it now typing to you …

All good – such is life for us grip and finger work maniacs!

And trust me, it’s all worth it down the line.

For you, to build that rock solid, cast iron grip, my friend -we have two world class course which a lot of you cannot stop raving about. One “basic” (but enough to kick advanced athletes in the can) – and the other, well, Gorilla Grip – ADVANCED – which if you’re lucky you can DO some of the exercises from the get go, let alone be GOOD at them!

James T, a customer from China (well, living in Northern China, from I believe London in the UK?) oddly enough cannot stop raving about it. (Gorilla Grip).

I’ve no doubt the advanced book will be his next purchase.

Mighty fine stuff, my forearms are fried, feel like they’re about to lop off!” was his comment.

James – true indeed – and please, DO Leave a review via the link you got in your email!

And that, my friend is that.

Pick up the courses above if you have not already, you will LOVE them. And, you’ll get into some of the best shape of your life that you could ever imagine being.

Can’t beat that, eh …


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 – Oh, and remember, Gorilla Grip (TIPS!) – 25 solid TIPS to build the grip you’ve not seen ANYWHERE ELSE – by itself worth the price of admission if I might say so – even myself! Hehe.

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