Panic central continues…
- and...

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… but before that, hehe.

I watched a movie online today. 2018 movie and a horror flick for one.

Horror flicks used to SOMETIMES spook me when young – till a point.

I remember my Dad once telling me “you can watch Dracula” but not letting my sister (four years younger) watch.

Of course, what he didnt know and I didnt either – and he still doesn’t – is my inbuilt pyschic abilities – those that have called people to rightly call me a seer.

Predictive abilities that I’ve talked about on this list so much.

Right down from when I used to sleep alone on the fifth floor in my grandfather’s house, always have a horribly spooky feeling going up the stairs – till last night, when I had the most predictive dream ever – which isn’t new for me, of course!

I predicted watching a movie, good luck – many other things – ALL of which came true, except in a way you’d never imagine. Most would get scared.

I didnt.

Reverse belief.

Anyway … in the movie, which was supposed to be horror, they had three gorgeous dames, and yours truly Lothario was more focused on the dames than getting scared – which I tried to but couldn’t.

Wasnt a bad movie – the horror etc would probably spook the average person.

Not me, caused me to sext a bit. Hehe.

Not even kidding you, and I ain’t either “gothic” or “necrophiliac” in that regard. ugh!

Anyway ……………….

Panic central continues, I just got notification from my “wife” that my daughter’s school wants her to fill up some COVID19 nonsense, some sort of declaration or what do they call it, whatever it is that absolves the school of any and all responsbility for anything – and a consent form, or what not.

Which it seems they sent a different version of the other day.

I told the wife, either get a fake one made or get the test done, whichever you want.

The daughter’s shit scared of the test, apparently a simple swab too. (though it works fine for anything else!).

My wife went into a hysterical fit when I even dared to bring up the fact all they really do is swab you with a Johnsons like swab. So long as it ain’t up the ass as China does it, I quipped – why would you care either way?

No way, she shrieked. They’re spreading it that way!

On the one hand weve got my parents who call me (along with most of the rest of the so called sane world, hehe – the sheeple) a loony tune.

For not believing that COVID is something one needs to take a vaccine for even if one doesnt want to.

For not believing all the panic central rubbish being put out there.

For thinking that this silly bio warfare wasn’t unleashed by the Chinese simply because of the virus.

The far more malignant virii – PANIC and FEAR were what they thought of in advance.

Anyway …

Mom got the vaccine, one of the first, promptly contracted COVID later.

Wife – well, you know her belief.

Daughter is being influenced by them, but she’s more of a “player” in that regard than anyone knows.

As for yours truly, the more I see people panickin, the more I laugh.

I’ll try and explain the bloody obvious to those that will listen, most dont …

Fine by me.

If you want to be part of the 99.9% panicky lot, by all means go ahead.

The rest of us, the sensible minority know the facts.

And that common sense if nothing else backs up all I say, have been saying, not just in this regard but any regard.

Thats why people follow me until the ends of the planet, because they know I’ll give it to them STRAIGHT, on point, say it like it is.

And like I’ve said so many times before, a Strong IMMUNE system and robust, CORRECT exercise is how you protect yourself against this, or any virus, period.

Start by building the right sort of bullet proof immunity against any sort of madness, both mental and physical by getting the Ulimate System in it – right HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You could wear a cross to protect yourself against evil, or you could jump up and down a 100 times, or you could sit quietly and think all day long.

It matters not.

Your BELIEF and corresponding thoughts are what create, nothing else.

And this plague, like Ive said from BEFORE day one was to sow panic to influence that belief.

Call me a crackpot if yo uwould. Hey, Claude Bristol was called that too, so I’ll definitely take it.

But research a bit on me, what I’ve got to say – my stellar track record on everything first, and then, and only then – draw your OWN conclusions.

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