“Nobody, not one single person gives a shit about your tweets” …
- So said a Bozo, hehe.

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I cannot find the exact Tweet on Twitter that he sent me, or I’d post it again here, come to think of it, I probably done posted it in other places before.

I dont know what it was about, I believe the usual “racism” bugbear. I was saying that while it’s an issue, it certainly ain’t as “black and white” as it’s made out to be.

In other words, we dont live in the Jim Crow era no more, and there’s plenty of fine folks – and racist folks – of ALL races, against all races, for all races, and so forth, and with all the minority empowerment BS going on (dont get me wrong, till a point it’s fine, but when you talk inducting four star female officers that are actually MEN into the military – then say it’s “diversity” – then it’s just CRAP is what it is. I mean, at least leave the military alone, real men fight wars, thats just how it is, how it was meant to be!) – it sometimes seem the minorities and illegals pouring in have the upper hand, an dhow.

Politics aside though, some idiot questioned me on it, I called him an idiot, and then of course, since he could not rebut it logically.

“No-one gives a single shit, not one single shit about your tweets, no matter how many hashtags you add to it. Time for you to crawl back under the rock you came out of!”

It was something like that. Hehe.

When I see trollish comments like that, much like with Bozo Schofield, it makes me laugh.

Amongst his numerous bizarre rants, one of his pet favorites?

“No-one buys your books!”

And then he left all his so called reviews… Hehe.

Best Christmas gift ever Glyn could have given me, not to mention he never gives any anyway, he’s so cheap, as Charles once said, “if you go out with Glyn, remember he NEVER pays, there’s always an excuse not to pay, you’ll be paying”.

As the Bozo was “trying to find an ATM” that one night we met along with his insane nonsense about “I like sucking hairy men” or what not – ugh – there was a reason right there, I just up and paid, not to mention I could care less, dinner was supposed to be for Charles, he was too drunk, so the Bozo showed up though I didnt want him there…

… Anyway, I paid, ran away from there on my own two legs as fast as I could at 4 AM in the morning without even waiting for the cabbie to show up. Hehe.

Anyway …

You might be surprised, friend, to know that when people talk rubbish like this – more people care than you think.

Let’s take Bozo’s example, obviously he cares, or he wouldn’t say what he did.

As for the other lunatic, obviously he cared too.


Then you have the silent majority (no, tons of likes dont mean someone cares or doesnt) – that – and this lot is GROWING by the day – that won’t say a word, whether they care or not.

Some of them are worried about how it will look, some say they dont care, but deep down inside they do care, everyone does, some are so called “too busy to reply”, but always on their dumbphones, but one lesson I’ve learned, done well, EVERYONE will read the written word, and smoulder silently (majority) – or get on your side asap (minority).

You either love me or hate me, thats how I LOVE IT, I’ve always been that way NATURALLY.

Anyway, the initial Buttjob blocked me shortly thereafter. Hehe.

And I dont know why I wanted to tell you all this, but when idiots, significant others included scream about “dont give yourself importance! No-one cares” – oh yes, they DO care.

They just dont or can’t SAY much.


Because, well …

Anyway – past this, something we all care about.

And perhaps why I brought this entire issue up.


And we’ve got several splendid rewards on this PAGE that will allow you to not just eat more and weigh less – but SPEND LESS – and get more STELLAR “Stella Artois of Fitness” fitness products.

I think thats why I wanted to say this in the first place, all these products I’ve been pushing out, so figured I’d push the rewards – yet again.

And remember – leave reviews, my friend.

They help us IMMEASURABLY.

I dont want five star or any star, though if its that it’s great – what I really want is honest, no “if you dont know what to write”, then just write that which comes to mind, or submit the review with “I dont know what to write”, and I’ll have it up anyway.

Please no excuses on that one!

Automatic 10% discount , by the way off your next purchase for everyone that does it i.e leave reviews, period …

OK, back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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