Why Glyn Bozo is and remains the key, or one of the most important ones at any rate, to minting money at hitherto UNHEARD OF LEVELS.
- I cannot stop chuckling, hehe.

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You new guys on this magnificent, indeed the best of it’s kind fitness list out there – well, yall probably dont know a lot about the Bozo .

Google’s your friend, indeed, or just stay tuned HERE.

Bozo Schofield  residing in Brum, UK – or infesting the sewers and pubs there, not necessarily in that order, when he manages to scam money out of Mommy or some fat woman he’s trying to scam in the Phillpines that is, else he’s stuck “sticky finger” in Mama’s basement pestering a certain Josie (awesome gal!) or watching S and M porn or whatever they call it.

I do know what they call it. Hehe.

But anyway, him and others of his trollish sort I should say.

So many people get scared of trolls, “oh my, what will others think”, trolls like him have literally driven people to RUIN, yet, yours truly, incredibly?

I truly cannot get enough of the trolls.

Neither can my world famous course Shoulders like Boulders! 

John Walker, a great customer of mine once had this to say about the best course on pushups ever.

“Mate, since Pushup Central seems to be the book you’re the most proud of, and the one the trolls attack the most, that by itself makes the choice. I’ll get that!”

He’s got plenty of others too.

“I want to own ALL your books”, he told me.

I’m sure he does, he will, he’s more than halfway there I think already!

But anyway, Pushup Central remains a favorite for me and many hardcore fitness lovers, but the real dark horse?

Isometric and Flexibility Training, truly shaking the whole world as we type.

Anyway …

Take the Bozo’s comment on Pushup Central for one.

“A book on just pish ups”


He went!

He has this insane “piss” fetish for one does the Bozo, friends of his do too where they want their unwilling gals (for Bozo thats his palm) to shower them golden if you get my drift (though Bozo wants cash showers more than anything else, he’s got a stripper fetish as well, ugh. Apparently he wants to “change his gender” or the politically correct way of sayin g”tranny”).

Well, to market it?

Just say the opposite, hehe.

Or, just roll with it!

In either case, you’ll see how the results flow, especially after the trolls attack the book. Hehe.

“Ugly Paki” is what he calls me.


Im incredibly good looking as I keep saying! 


As others, everyone says …

Nigh everyone, even my worst critics have never denied either that or my superlative communication , brutal honesty, and skills and email artistry.

Doesnt hurt does it, that it’s true.

Ditto for the comments on Pushup Central …which you’ll see on the sales pag e(real comments, not the trolly ones, and we want more of those, please, my friend, REVIEW!).

One like THIS ONE from one of the best customers ever ” a brother from another mother”, indeed, hehe.


The Bodyweight Guru has done it again, 55 ways to bring on the pain, a magnum opus on how to really use what is possibly the world’s oldest and “most diverse” exercise.

If you’re like me, you live for that pain, the feeling of your muscles as they stretch and contract and how your body screams at you to stop but your mind will not allow you to quit, you have that target in your mind and you cannot stop until you hit that target, yes my friends this is training “brutally effective” training.

Buy this book and take up the challenge of Push Up Central.

The Bodyweight Guru is waiting for you, let him show you how with this (innocently sounding) book you can become more than you could ever have imagined, this is hard training at it’s absolute best.

Now a word about the previous review, Glyn Scofield is a total moron and his reviews suck almost as much as he does, Glyn, if by chance you ever read this, do yourself a favour and just stop, nobody cares what you think.

Anyway – you can use these trolls in ways they never imagined. Hehe.

And I’ll be putting out a course on it soon, and how to benefit from it like never before, much like the world famous course on not just countering, but benefiting IMMEASURABLY from Nazi feminism – Bozo Schofield plays a part there, and he will play a – again, true – part in the book on trolls and profiting from them too – hey, Glyn was the one that kept lying about getting selected on some silly “movie extra” role which he paid for, yet they didnt take him – so he might as well play a part, a TRUE part here. Hehe.

But for now, another example.

Schofield calls me a “cock loving faggot”.

Lord knows why, self projection taken to an extreme I suppose.

But Bozo inspired a course called “**** worship for faggots” – or something like that – I know the guy who wrote it, great, great guy.

He wasn’t sure how to write it thought.

“Just put yourself in Bozo Schofield’s shoes”, I said, laughing.

He knows Glyn from all the trolling he’s done here.

And write from that angle!

And then, of course, for “whose to worship”, well, he didnt need any better example – ugh!

But anyway – thats a real course, and one of the most popular ones on his site (he’s a great dude though, I’ll say that, I’ve helped him with marketing etc, and he’s a real man, unlike many of the idiots who claim they are, yet really are anything but).

But again, Bozo to the fore …

So many nigh ways you can profit from dem trolls, friend, so many …


If you only know how!

Anyway ………………….

Maybe minting money from sending out a few emails a day ain’t your thang.

If not, I get it.

But surely, getting in shape – and quick – IS?

IF not, you wouldn’t be here …

And for those of you that have still not invested in the baseline, best fitness system out there – well, do so NOW.

Rest of you, get the products you’ve been meaning to, no more putting off what should have been done yesterday, my friend.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee


Link in the download email …

PS #2 – My magical fingers surely do “strum” the Bozo like a well strung guitar, eh.

He shrieks just like that! Hehe.

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