Why most illnesses, weakness, ill health etc – are usually linked to the CORE, and a weak core in general.
- Nah, the six packs wont do it!

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Thats yet another reason I laugh when I see the boobybuilder that cannot do a single “beginner”s hanging leg raise I teach you in Corrugated Core – or the advanced “clock” movement that will kill even advanced fitness trainees, Crossfitters, tri athletes and so forth in “Pull-ups – from STUD to super studs within WEEKS!” show off their beach boy chest and abs.

And a non existent back in most cases.

“Do you go to the gym? Your back is built!” 

Enough said, along with the movie star comments, I’ve got these all my life (so can you, by the way if you DO the thing).

But it’s funny, I just got done with an advanced 10 minute squatting session.

Without a single rep, static pose.

This morning I woke up with a a bit of the “sniffles”.

No, I didnt really have a cold, but it may have escalated into one.

Maybe it was the rich food I ate last night …

With me, I can notice changes instantly!

And with me, if my stomach – or core – has even a TINY issue, my entire BODY feels it.

Most people are of course so used to th e”blah!” feeling, that they think it’s normal, let alone the “get the core ready, you can handle ANYTHING!’ feeling that Herschel Walker once talked about – that feeling, along with the “legs pumping, CORE moving” way of walking I teach in Advanced Hill Training for one – is something most people have never had in their whole life, gym goers included.

Dont get me wrong, some gyms are good …

But anyway, those are the old school gyms – where was I – ah yes, core – after this squatting session?

I took a leak.

Nothing overdue or what not …

And my sinuses (or lack thereof), or the lungs, or what not – all OPENED UP.

No more cold, no more sniffling, nothing …

Thats why I call this the MAGIC pose.

Or, the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat.

It’s one of the great, great, isometrics I teach you in the book “Isometric and Flexibility Training“, a book everyone loves, and a book that is truly different from anything isometric related out there, and a book that produces results, a book that doesn’t even delve into the “pussssssssssssssh hard against the wall” – though to be frank, even if I said that, wouldn’t be nothing wrong with it, the Gama for one pushed against a tree! – but you’ll then have idiots saying “too simple” – so … – and …

… while I’ve outlined scores of benefits on the sales page, including health and digestion related benefit, I dont believe I’ve ever put sinuses and cold etc on there…

Dont get me wrong, this won’t miraculously cure 104 plus fevers.

But – MOST ailments, friend, are linked to the core.

A weak core, a weak you, a weak entire body.

And this isometric works the core in an unique way few others can.

Again, most people cannot even begin to DO ONE SECOND of this, so I advise you to go slow.

But, if you do the thing, you might be surprised at how quickly you come along!

My favorite isometric used to be a version of the Hindu pushup, another one mentioned in the book, and I still do that, dont get me wrong. I’m off to do it now.

But this isometric, my friend – if there was only ONE isometric you do, along with thick bar hangs, I’d recommend THIS one.


Though, I’ve got 51 others all jostling for your time and attention right HERE.

Come get some NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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