Why Rahul Mookerjee is an incredibly, incredibly HUMBLE person – and always will be, no matter what.

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Category three hurricanes, I told my daughter recently, grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat!

I can sense her thoughts literally.

And as she thought, her thoughts SPED to me – and I remembered one line she often proudly tells her classmates at her basketball class for one, and likely school too, when she goes “in person”(I think thats been like, forever, a day and a half, and then some …. and the idiots are shutting down yet again. UGH).

“My Papa climbed hills in category three hurricanes!

Brings a lot of wow’s, oohs and aahs from most people …

Except of course Grannies and Tom Tom’s who pooh pooh it as being “so what” (despite them not being able to climb ever in their life, period, let alone in any sort of tyhoon which is what they call ’em around these parts).

Actually, I’ve climbed in damn near Category FOUR hurricanes, with trees falling around me – literally.

As I told my daughter a while back.

In China, a while back, I quit drinking beer period, but still climbed hills and worked out like a MANIAC, just to see if I could DO IT.

And then I grinned again.

And I did!

Which I did.


Hence the “beer or hill” question, hence my famous answer …

Anyway …

I told her the following too recently, I keep telling her.

I dontknow why I said this, but I did.

I think something about her asking me what my favorite color was, why I don’t wear orange or what (I wear mostly red, black and blue).

But I did wear orange before, bright orange and looked pretty good in it.

My looks will remain the same, honey – I grinned at her. 

No matter what I wear, as you know … 

I’m an incredibly good looking guy. Like a movie star, one of the best!

And then, I followed up with this.

I’m also an incredibly humble person

. . .



but really, I AM a humble person, very much so, all the movie star comments.

I’ve never once – I repeat – once in my life said I’m good looking even though I’ve always known I am, people have always told me about it.

My friend Dheeraj in school went so far as to say this –

“Tu just samjhta hai too acha nahi dikhta!”

You just think you’re terrible looking.

When in fact, you’re extremely good looking.

Nah, Dheeru Bhai.

(Bhai = Brother. Hehe).

It was my STATURE that always bothered me.

And I tom tom my fitness gains like NOTHING AND NO-ONE EVER CAN, and will continue to not so humbly – coz?

“Bing I earned the right to”.

You heard me.


Not even living on MSN or the dumbphone there.

(I asked Sophia why she’s always in a bad mood these days “bing living is tough” was her answer, then I asked her “was that not alway the case, Gorilla Girl”, she replied with yes, I asked her, well, maybe you think “now is tougher”, then I got bored with it.

People in general have become so fake and artificial ; unwilling to look past what they think is in front of them.

Gorilla Girl is better tho, at least she responds, most won’t even do that.

She also wants to leave China, one of the silent majority that does. Big time!)

Anyway …………………..

I’m an incredibly humble person, ain’t I.

If that makes you burst out in splits, well, then like I told my daughter.

“Always remember, if you can make people laugh, you’re halfway there!”

Just look at the amount of money comedians make. 


Laughing all the way to the bank, literally.

That right there is yet another thing I either tell, or transmute to my daughter, whether I’m physically there or not.

It reaches.

And it PENETRATES her subconscious, these most valuable lessons, as opposed to the rot people around her try and fill her brain with better than any other lesson could, because it comes straight from the heart, it taps into EMOTION, it …

In other words, it’s marketing 101 or perhaps marketing base camp.

I was recently having a conversation with a coaching client bout it.

“Dude, you gotta DO the thing” I kept telling him.

“You know, create a product based upon your thoughts. I dont care what it is, EVERY SINGLE thought you got in your head, every single one of them no matter how wacky or crazy or socially incorrect or NON PC or what not – can be turned into an info product people will pay big money for”, I told him.

(he’s struggling trying to build the life of his dreams).

“I dont care”, I repeated. “I do not care what it is …” 

And it’s true, most people dont get it.

Then be honest, I told him, and share things honestly with people, the REAL YOU.

“I mean, you gotta be HONEST, flat out honest, stop worrying – really stop worrying about what “people think”” – I kept telling him.

I dont know what I Said after that, it’s there on the voice recording I sent him – was about 15 minutes long.

Value for money is what Rahul Mookerjee provides par excellence.

But I ended with the marketing base camp thingie…

Well, my friend, this is but one of the lessons I give everyone, young or old, or in between …

And you have it FREE now.

Plenty of other fitness related lessons- – most valuable lessons, including a hidden secret tip on BREATHING – yes, just BREATHING – that will not only help you recover quicker from your workouts without huffing and puffing up a storm even after sprinting, but also make you feel like NOTHING else ever could.

No, it ain’t just deep breathing done right if thats what you’re thinking

It’s that x 100 – on speed, literally.

And those that have the System know and are benefiting from it.

And if you ain’t one of the gang, bruh, jump aboard NOW.

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

“The Stella Artios of Bodyweight Excellence Fitness Culture”

PS – And remember, the 0 Excuses Ship is value like you’ve NEVER seen before…

PS #2 – Trump of the tropics, Trump of the Toupee, I dont know, I’ve been called both before.  (The “Brown Trump too”, hehe)

I just love trump is all I know, hehe.

And I’ve always been naturally brutally frank like him.

Toss up as to whose MORE brutally frank, I said Trump, but as I keep saying, and I believe I did in Gorilla Grip – – a course that give you the UNNATURAL grip most people CRAVE – that grip that PULLS people towards you like bees towards succulent lip SMACKING, gob-licious HONEY – despite what certain fools say about “he doesnt include what the cachet of Marines does in the book” (I do, the idiot was a price Tom Tom and wanker) – he thinks “not a foregone conclusion”.

In other words, me.


Probably true too!

(and I told my daughter too).

“No matter what I say or how I say it, one thing remains constant. I’m brutally HONEST!”

Can’t deny the facts, hehe.

Amen, even if I say so myself!

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