Why the Indian Himalayas continues to be my NIGH FAVORITE place to live – travel – BAR NONE!
- And why I've always been a natural hill climber!

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I’ve always been a natural at climbing hills, my friend.

Right down to the so called “stooped old man” gait (which I was going to title this email and still might, hehe) that a lot notice, first I can remember is my Dad when I was young, like 8 or 9.

“Rahul walks up that hill perfectly, like an old man!”

And it was the Himalayan foothills, no joke.

since I’ve been born, I dont know why – but the outdoors, I’ve always loved greenery – nature, and the GREAT OUTDOORS!

Jungles, forests, beaches (even the ones with an “it”, hehe) – all of it.

I love oceans too!

Swimming in oceans, not for the faint hearted!

But most of all, even above my favorite “golden” beer, hehe – if I had to choose one?

HILLS, like I said in the email I just sent you.

I always have.

Vacationing, whether I’ve planned it or not, it’s always been hills.

Living, perhaps it’s no coincidence, and I dont believe in them anyway, that my China house has always had a hill right next to it.

Right next to it!

Sure, there have been plenty of factors that went into deciding my dream place to live – where I would enjoy the most.

But above all, and I thought after my daughter kept asking me that, the message KEPT coming if you get my drift …


And nothing, I repeat, nothing comes close to the Indian himalayas.

Not the Swiss Alps, not the Applachians, not the Rocky Mountains, nigh nothing.

The unique blend of culture and nature you’ll find there, the down to earth people, the great food and drink, the fauna, the forests, like NOWHERE else in the world.

It’s why I’ve always wanted to live in the North Eastern part of India as well, a part most claim is “under developed”.

The beauty though, my oh my, and I ain’t even talking girls. Hehe.

The beauty is BEYOND COMPARE!

Trust me on this one.

Oddly enough, India  as country in general, I’ve never lived there for most of my life!

But the Himalayas, Ive said it before, my favorite place to be, travel, live – and if you’re talking rock climbing, mountaineering and other outdoor activities – now THAT is the real deal right there, friend, and any serious mountaineer would be hard pressed to even TRY to disagree.

Yes, it probably isn’t the most convenient of places to live.

Yours truly doesnt compromise.

But the hills, the Himalayas are perhaps the only thing I’d compromise for!


Anyway …

In Advanced Hill Training, I teach you the right way to walk – on FLAT LAND.

But, there is a way to walk up HILLS too that I teach you – it’s not simply how you think it’s done.

There is a style to breathe when you do it.

There is way to first RUN up hills, then sprint – for optimal results, and fat loss.

From one that has been there, done that, with all the injuries, and despite his many jaunts to the lovely, pristine (sad people dont keep it that way – the litter, ugh! Why can’t people PICK up after themselves??) Indian himalayas … has not ever been to a “drinker’s paradise” Dhanaulti, heh …

Believe me I tell you the right way.

I give it to you from the HEART.

It was always meant to be that way!

And it is.

There is NO-one, I repeat, no-one, that can teach you how to work hills better into your daily fitness routine than I can.

No, the goal isn’t to make you a champ rock climber or mountaineer, though these routines will definitely get you the fitness required.

The goal is, friend, what YOU want i.e. to get in the best shape of your life – whether you have a hill around or not.

Check out Advanced Hill Training right now, my friend.

You’ll be glad you did!


Rahul Mookerjee

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