Its the little things that go a long way.
- And are remembered!

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And are remembered, for ages I might add!

At least by the DOERS.

I gave you an example of that in the last email, and as I sit here, writing this (or as I WAS sitting here writing this), the doorbell “clanged” and I picked up a delivery.

“thank you”, I told the guy as I always do. 

Thanking people when they deliver , or do something for me – has always been automatic for me, even in cultures like CHina where it’s apparently “not required or expected” – or India “it’s too formal to thank “one’s own!”” …

Or tipping, for that matter. when I first visited China, I was told by some not to do it, as they might get offended.

Fooey, I remember thinking, and my conversation with Clement, a Chinese guy from Hong Kong confirmed this.

“Why on earth would someone get offended if you give them money”

I can understand making a public show of it etc, but  really – I’ve tipped and said thank you damn near everywhere – actually, EVERYWHERE I go without caring two hoots or not about “whether or not it’s in their culture”- much like if it’s Christmas, or whatever festival (I celebrate a grand total of none, hehe) – I’ll wish people anyway.

Like, some things you just do!  (even when you hear “but no-one does that here!”)

Guy looked up at me with a bright smile.

“Welcome, Sir!” 

Sometimes they dont say that.

The body language is what counts!

People can feel respect, people can feel that YOU respect the other person, therefore, they in turn respect you.

People can FEEL crabbiness, crankiness, rude behavior, or at least they SHOULD be able to .

Anyway ….

I’ve known people from all walks of the globe that deal with people based upon their status. So called status.

How much they earn, how “big or small they are socially” if you get my drift, and other nonsense.

“He’s just a delivery person!”


But that delivery person is the one bringing you your stuff to the door, making an honest living out there, delivering if it’s Amazon in rain, hail, sleet or snow …

To me, a little bit of respect goes a long way, it’s REMEMBERED.

For ages.

Unfortunately, it’s a lesson most of the world has forgotten.

And hence we stand at them cross roads.

Same thing for fitness, my friend.

It’s the LITTLE gains you make daily without even noticing that add up to big thing.

The day you crank out 100 pushups in a workout might be a red letter day for you.

It is!

It should be!

And it matters, hell yes.

But really, it’s the SMALL changes to your pushups, the “extra cm and pause” you do at the bottom of each pushup as you get better, the more you bend your back on the Hindus, those incremental changes you FEEL in each workout – or should feel if you’re doing it right – THOSE are really what keep adding up to massive gains down the line, some of which never truly go away.

Those that do the thing KNOW what I mean here!

It’s about gratitude, and DOING the thing daily, and some things, doing the right thing, never really goes out of style does it?

Not for me it dont.

Anyway …

You’ve got a few hours left still on the Battletank Shoulders sale, so if you want to claim YOUR COPY OF THE MOST elite – I repeat MOST ELITE – fitness manual out there – then go ahead and do so now.

And, let me be flat out honest here. .  .

I won’t be lying if I say you doers will DISAPPOINT ME if even ONE of you doesn’t take advantage of this great offer, as its a once in a lifetime offer (for this book).

some offers, they just dont come around again, this book is special. Very special!

They all are , but this one, I dont know, crank the workouts, you’ll see for yourself!

As with Advanced Hill Training and Animal Kingdom Workouts, I dont promote it a lot.

Some things, they just promote themselves eh.

I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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