On Marketing for “8 year olds” and more…!
- HA!

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The level of idiocy out there just reaches more and more spectacularly MIND BOGGLING LEVELS! 

It could be my emails people have a problem with, as I’ve said in a past few emails!

It could be other marketers, it could even be Donald Trump, who is often pilloried for sending too many emails, “breaking all marketing rules”, for “pushing users”, and the “tone of his emails”, and just about everything else. 

Let’s talk Trump for a minute. 

A lot of folks claim (the Tom Tom’s, that is) that his marketing is geared towards the average 8 year old, and pooh pooh what he says. 

Disregarding the facts of what he says, which like myself, Trump is nothing if not brutally frank and honest, and says it, again like myself in a very unique manner. 

And like myself, doesnt shy away from kicking BOOTY when it’s required. 

Such as now in some cases, but we’ll get to that soon enough. We’ll get to that!

I mean, lets look at the “geared towards 8 year old’s” gripe certain idiots have. 

These folks are usually the same fools who complain “too many emails, Rahul!” and “he doesnt provide vallllllllllllluuuueee!” and other assorted Bozo like nonsense I’ve covered here in emails before – people that will neither take action, nor spend a red cent for anything. 

Yet, even these idiots fail to apparently notice that if these emails are getting their butts off the idiotic videos on the dumbphone – well – and getting these DO NOTHINGS to send long emails and complain when otherwise you could light damn near a bonfire under their asses and they’d still be glued to their damn phones – then these emails are a base level certainly doing their damn JOB. 

And the 8 year olds? 

Funny part, ALL successful marketing – especially the hugely successful campaigns appeal big time to that age group 6-8 in many ways. 

I dont mean in ALL regards. 

And I certainly dont mean they “treat their audience” as being part of that age group.

I mean the important part, the EMOTIONS. 

8 is usually the age kids give into all the pressure of following dictum, logic etc – and ignoring what worked so wonderfully well for them ie gut feeling, and emotion – and nothing else. 

Pursuing what they want, what they truly DESIRE!

As adults, we have to relearn these lessons over again, if at all. 

Those of us that do, the results SPEAK. 

But emotion wise, what we WANT doesnt go away – regardless of age. 

You still FEEL something, and feelings, even today are ultimately what drive action – of any sort. 

Trump merely (in his case) is being Trump, he pulls out some news, generates outrage, and then – and it sure helps it’s HONEST! – pitches whatever he wants to. 

It’s vintage Trump, Trump being Trump. 

Much like my emails are written “as if I was talking to you right now in person”, same thing with Trump. 

Mine are different in that I talk a lot more, perhaps at a deeper level. Hehe. 

Trump’s are “base”. 

Other marketers have their own style. 

But as a guy who I work with recently told me. 

“You can pull my ear this way or that, from here or there. But, the results remain the SAME”. 


It’s those kiddie emotions one has to appeal to, my friend . . . 

Anyway, I dont know why I brought this up again. 

Perhaps because  as I said above, some people do deserve a kick up the ass, if just for how STUPID their comments are. 

“No-one cares!” went one idiot in response to the “TIME SENSITIVE” email I sent out. 

Well, apparently he cared enough to get pissed off!

I mean look, folks, I’m not going to stop sending these emails, I truly believe these are the best fitness products out there, they are worth every damn penny you invest in them, much like eating out at a Michelin grade restaurant, and when theres offers and such going on to save YOU a buck – I aint gonna shy away from saying it. 

Speaking of which … 


There’s been such TREMENDOUS demand for Battletank Shoulders after the frenzy today that I’ve reactivated the sale – the special offer going on on that. 

But notice – two things. 

One, it’s only for THIS list. 

A special gift for YOU and YOU ALONE. (Want proof? Check out the rewards page. There is no mention made of the extension there. Neither is it mentioned anywhere else publicly). 

And two? 

You ONLY have 24 hours – or less than that, to claim this special offer, my friend on Battletank Shoulders

Thats right, and I repeat. 

⏰⏰The CLOCK IS INDEED TICKING on this one!⏰⏰

< 24 hours, so hurry – and get in while you can. 


And #2, all other dates etc stay as they are. 

So rush – clock’s ticking – I am NOT going to extend this again!​ 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Neither am I going to send out too many reminders about it anymore, I’m getting sick of the Tom Tom’s disrespecting the emails, I mean geez if you want out, just unsubscribe and be done with it?? Nah, but on another note?

I WILL, as I said send ’em. I do this for you, the DOERS!

PS #2 – Also, if you’re looking at fitness for kids, be sure and check Kiddie Fitness out.

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