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- Indeed another one of those special offers!

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This is another special offer for YOU on this list, yes, YOU!

YOU, my friend.

And you will recall I spoke about 0 Excuses Fitness apparel in the last email?

Just imagine, for one, you wearing a Battletank Shoulders T shirt – or, perhaps a Pushup Central T shirt – and strolling down the street after a workout, or soaked in sweat after an Advanced Hill Training workout – feeling like a bazillion bucks – with the T shirt – I just did this, by the way – and more?

Gives a whole new meaning to the following.

Been there, got the T shirt, loved it!

Most would say “threw it away”, but you’ll never throw these away, even when they become threadbare – my training T shirts for one, years and years of wear, like a bum on the road, yet I stick with them.

You know what I mean!!

But anyway …

The special offer on that one – no, the sales page with the offer and all that won’t be up for a week, maybe more – is this.

And it’s a GREAT ONE.

Add $1000 to your site wallet – or SPEND $1000 with us, and you’ll get an auto $300 off – period – no matter what – off the apparel once it launches next year (should be around Jan beginning next year, I want it to coincide with my 41st birthday, but we’ll see how that goes).

This is so great because –

One, well, the obvious i.e you basically get a “free” sweatshirt ; hoodie, perhaps two or three…

Two, these will be available in kids and women’s sizes too …

(so they’ll make for great gifts).

Three, yours truly will ship ’em out, all this crap about bottlenecks, congestion etc – as our paperback readers know, 0 Excuses Fitness delivers AHEAD of time as always!

Fourth, most importantly, you can use the amount in your wallet to make purchases NOW.

Fifth, the auto 10% discount you get – simply for buying using your site wallet.

Sixth, what you dont use can be left in there for your next purchase. It will never expire.

So thats six great reasons, I dont know, there are probably a lot more!

If you’re interested, add funds to your wallet NOW – and shoot me an email (or buy $1000 worth of stuff, and shoot me an email).

But HURRY, limited time offer, only the first 100 get in on this one … ⚠

Hurry – and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – And think about how good you’ll feel to wear YOUR fitness brand on YOUR CLOTHING!

PS #2 – If you buy a full Ship membership, YES, you’ll be in on this one too!

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