This fascination about “him eating all the food!”
- Hehe.

I cannot stop chucking, you’d think it would be mostly only women that are so petty, but guys too apparently.

But sometimes, with good reason.

Circa 2019, Chuck and the Bozo … or perhaps 2017, I dont know, maybe 2018. Maybe all the time. Hehe.

“He sits in a room, trolls people all day, does NOTHING with his life, makes a ROYAL MESS (I added in the word royal, hehe, Chuck didnt say that – but his tone said it) – and he eats all my food, drinks all my beer, badgers my girlfriend with inane messages, steals her underwear (and to be honest, for some weird reason his girlfriend puts up with it too) -much like the girl at the end of the movie in Texas Chainsaw Massacre decided to live with the guy – the looney tune – her cousin – whatever, but really … I mean!”) …

Lets flashback a bit HERE.

And after you read that, what I forgot to say in the last email – the ending shows the girl picking up the guy’s used, rotting food – cleans the plate apparently and then locks the door to the “horrors beneath” – oh so conveniently located so close to the wine cellar, as if Bozo that lurked within could pop out for a drink anytime he wanted – and continues living in the mansion with that “thing” living in the basement”.

It’s just utter lunacy, the ending to that movie, a movie which I tried so desperately to be scared, never worked.

Truly, other than Anthony Hopkins, NO other actor has come close to scaring me. Hehe.

It hasn’t even happened, but anyway …

Chuck’s rants about Bozo were justified, no-one wants a lunatic like that showing up unwanted, parking his fat butt in a room and making a nuisance of himself. Talk about overstaying his welcome, come to think of it, there was no welcome to begin with.

Perhaps apt that it ended with Glyn face down on the street in Jieyang in his underwear after stealing beer from the beer house – Chuck literally threw him out (good on you chuck for managing to lift that blob, hehe) – and then begging cops etc to let back in, then getting deported from China/HK, scamming countless others in the process, finally getting booted from the Phillipines, and back to infesting Brum.

Glyn, did the “hit and run” you were involved in when you escaped “bail” (jumped, literally) – to China to be a dancing monkey ever get resolved?

Probably not.

(It wasn’t so much hit and run as the Bozo ran his car into a brick wall in the UK, but those have feelings too! Bozo was drunk, hence the case).

But anyway, the way Chuck said it, I cannot stop CHUCKling, hehe.

Then my Mom about the big guy ironing for us growing up …

“He must be eating all their food!”

Then my S.O, often times .. .

“You eat all the foo din the house!”

Which is insane, I dont even do breakfast, lunch when I do do it is light, now if you’d tell me I drink all of my own “Snow” beer in my house, then yes – I do that. but it’s my own !


Food, and such …

The irritation. The annoyance. Hehe.

At least the pyscho in Texas Chainsaw Massacre stayed “out of sight, out of mind”.

Look at the house, you wouldn’t even know there was a basement, of course, the sliding wall was conveniently left a bit open.

These movies can be hilarious.

I mean, there were like three doors to get through to even get to the stairs to the cellar, THEN the massive metal door behind which the House of literally Horrors and the Hulk lurked…

Anyway, yours truly ?

I’ve been knowing for calling myself a foodie and glutton – and also a movie star, in the best shape of my life, and so forth.

All of it is true.

But when at someone else’s house, I never really “dig in” unless its a close, close friend, even then, I ask them first.

Just not polite, of course, in the latter case, if it’s a close friend, we’re usually drinking it up together anyway, so from there to “finger licking good butter chicken” – even in China, hehe – is  a short step away.

But I cannot remember living at a friend’s place, or even crashing on the couch for one night for forever – even its 5am in the morning, I’ll return home to the sound of the rooster crowing…

Unlike Glyn, the LAST thing I want is to make a menace of myself.

I know how it is, when you “live with” someone, even for one night, it’s different!

Anyway, Bozo is a leech par excellence like none other.

But heres what this little tale has for you, if you can stop chuckling at the infancy of the “he eats all my food!” or “men eat all the food!” part… (if you got the joke, some won’t). …

Eat more – become Gluttonly Fat is usually the case for most.

Hey, it’s common sense, too much in, very little out (except when you’re holding court on the Throne, if even that).

But my course Eat More – Weigh Less – or the ORIGINAL name, Advanced HIll Training – will ensure – WITH PROOF! – that you can literally eat more – and weigh less – and look, and feel in the best damn shape of your life ALL day, my friend … if you just GET the book, and get on the routines.

Thats right.


I dont know what some people are waiting for on this one?

Wouldn’t YOU like to be next success story – and send me YOUR story of how the scales literally go down, down, down – even when you’re drinking it up a few hours earlier?

Get this now, my friend.

One of the best courses you’ll ever get, and once you do so, remember to get Volume TWO as well i.e. Animal Kingdom Workouts.

They go together, dont they!

Yes SIR, said like a CHAMPINATOR!


Rahul Mookerjee