What Feetus Bozo didnt get about the sheer and UNPARALLELED VALUOOOO of being on the SUPERB 0 Excuses Fitness list.
- Touche, my friend, touche.

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Or, if it’s Feetus Bozo, “touch” (or the Bozo himself i.e Schofield Buttler Bozo Glyn in Brum) …

Y’all remember that idiot, right?

Some scammer that paid me (after I was very reluctant to do it, but I finally gave in “to help a bro out” despite my gut saying DONT DO IT! – that thing about GUT FEELINGS! AGAIN!) to promote him on this list, I did, of course, next thing he starts whining about how people said his product was crap (it is – that was my initial gut feeling I had and I’m NEVER WRONG ON THIS) – how “only one person signed up and did nothing”, yada, nada, schnada, all after he had been told many times the fee he paid was for an intro, nothing else, no results guaranteed, I even told him NOT to pay if he was not comfortable.

Trust me.

Oh, he whined about “I got three emails” also … when I explained all this to him when he was filing “chargeback fraud”.

Bozo himself was committing fraud, and telling me.


I’ve documented this on the site a LOT. I dont think I should dignify it by putting the link here, but you 0 Excuses Faithful know.

But anyway, one of the things I did not tell him but SHOULD HAVE …

My hyper engaged list (I did tell him that i.e. quality over quantity)  –  I told him ALL the good qualities you guys and gals have, that you are not impulse buyers, that you only buy from QUALITY people, that you only follow QUALITY folks, and so forth …

I should have done told him THIS TOO.

“They are so hyper engaged they wouldn’t sign up for someone else’s bodyweight fitness email list if I BEGGED THEM To- and even then, they’d still keep coming back here”, “because its truly the best and most down to earth one to be on”.

That ain’t me bragging.

I’ve said before in all my books, most notably Fast and Furious Fitness (a book that fits “practical and no-nonsense” to a T) and pushup Central, that I dont like bragging, or braggarts.

“Dont be the braggart that claims he can do 25 pushups, none in good form”.

Feetus is probably one of those.

(Guy doesn’t even LOOK like he trains, for one, then talks about – believe it or not – spurting eggs *UGH* in his fitness broadcasts – Glyn and him would make great bed pals, and some inanity about some Greek secret potion or what not to “build mammoth muscle” or some wacko crackpot crap – and in general, just looks like a “funny sort of beanpole” – par excellence.

And he complains about people not buying.


Some people (Glyn included) were truly at the back of, the very FAG – faggotty – end of the queue when the brains were being doled out, and I’m not the only one that has said that.

As Gorilla Girl Sophia would tell him – GROW UP – YOU FOOL!!!

She’d mean every word too, hehe.


But I should have told him that, spared myself the troubles and the pennies this loser paid me.

And then spent months trying to get a chargeback, I think he couldn’t pay his rent or something.

Ugh, what a freak.

But anyway, thats long past, but the sheer benefit, the AURA, the halo you get just from being on this hallowed fitness list?

Trust me, it aint even about learning at the guru’s feet, so please DO NOT! – I repeat, DO NOT! – picture that.

You learn WITH ME, and you preferably, and I’ve said that BETTER ME!

It gives me something to work towards too to give you stiff competition, hehe.

And the feet I’ll leave to Feetus farting eggs out their anus, or Bozo Schofields “in ass” or what not (but believe it or not, this Feetus Bozo speaks about spurting eggs or what not fitness wise, ugh) …

But seriously, and the above is serious too.

I’ve learnt from people better at me on some things.

And just the sheer value you get from noticing how the person walks, talks, acts, behaves, speaks, writes etc … the IMAGE he has, how he INTERACTS with people and so forth, the CONFIDENCE, all of it – is a lesson unto itself for you guys.

Thats the sheer, unparallelled VALUOOOO I offer in the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship too, my friend, and those thinking “too expensive” are just fools there is no two ways aroudn that – no better way to say it.

Well, my friend, if there is a better way to thank YOU for simply being on this list, and getting valuo like NONE OTHER, I’m yet to see it – or think of it.

If you can, let me know.

Thank you – and I’ll see you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS : I cannot stop laughing, Bozo moaning about “I got three emails….! Wah!” but he claims to be a guru at marketing too. 

Some people, just buffoons in general. Hehe. 

Not to mention, Feetus forgot that you cannot, I repeat, outmarket the great Rahul Mookerjee, no matter how “deep your wallets run”, no matter how you beg your girlfriend to pay your rent and/or give you spending money (Glyn, Feetus, a certain Aussie nutjob I know) and so forth … it cant be done period.

I dont care if youre Trump, Bezos, Hill, or whoever…

Well, maybe Hill and Bezos could, hehe, but thats it.


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