When my shoulders were 3x as broad as his, but we wore the same WAIST size, perhaps I was less!
- Indeed an upper body contrast!

My wife, famously once when I got into the Eat More Weigh Less shape I keep talking about sniffed.

“You look like a  13 year old!”

Now, women in love, which she was sort of back then (that was a bit after the 7 year itch or what not) tend to prefer their men to be “round”.

See what I said about the LOOK the other day, the lean, man, MEAN (came out as man first!) – – ANIMAL, HUNGRY LOOK. 

So I get it, and plus, anything you do (not dictated by her) that makes you MORE attractive to the opposite sex, well …

You get the picture, I was always handsome anyway, and …

But anyway, she also made the comment about being Mr handstand pushup, about how “walking has got you SO LEAN!” so its not all negative, I’ll say that.

Women and emotion ; what can I say.

But anyway……..

I think that holiday (I returned to India for a brief few weeks or so, which felt like an eternity when I was there, but literally flew past in the grand scheme of things) was when I met my brother in law for the first and only time, beyond which I’ve never spoken to him (it’s the family thing going on, hehe. YOu know how it is in mine!).

Look at the photo from in front, and neglect the chest and shoulders, you’d think it was a family that had nothing to eat. Hehe.

(not really, the legs, but you get the drift).

Cast your gaze upwards though?

My shoulders – the sheer breadth of them are 3x my bro in law’s!

Reminds me of what my 6’1″ buddy from the Marines said, who I always feel small next to, he’s HUGE – he told me this.

(when I once borrowed his sweat shirt for a night out, it was cold as heck, yours truly forgot to get his – so I quipped – “six of me might fit in there”, hehe).

“You’re not that much smaller than I am!” 

And toe to toe, I’m not.

“He’s thick, but you’re broad!”

is what he told me.  (when I was comparing myself to another guy, a champ boxer).

That I am, hehe.

And the breadth of the shoulders and traps always gives it away.

“You can tell you workout!”

Anyway, the waist was as corrugated as ever, and it looked odd … hehe.

Broad as heck shoulders, tapering down to a narrower than narrow waist, almost looked more natural on my bro in law!

Perhaps thats why I prefer wearing 3XL T shirts, though my “size” is 2XL.

And, why I have trouble shopping for clothes – the tops billow around my waist, the pants slide off ..

If its a track pant set – God help me. Hehe.

It’s either I get a tight fit in the upper body, or the pants fall off in the lower. Hehe.

But anyway, it’s a great, great feeling to have!

And the soon to be launched 0 Excuses Fitness Apparel Shop will have clothing – SPECIALLY customized for those of us that workout a lot – the right way – regularly.

Imagine, you’ll be walking around proudly with a 0 Excuses Fitness shirt!

Doesn’t get and feel better than that, does it.

I mentioned this a few months or moons ago, so if you’re interested, drop me a line, and I’ll set you up for a special discount on apparel – not yet on the site, only for you on this list, my friend.

But anyway ………

To get into that sort of movie star shape, and quick?

The two courses that will do it – and get them in THAT order – – –

  1. Advanced Hill Training. 
  2. Animal KIngdom Workouts.
  3. Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness – place that pre-order, still going, special still ONGOING!


And that really is all there is to say, my friend.

Do the thing, you shall HAVE the POWER.


Rahul Mookerjee