More metoo bullcrap.
- is what this boils down to!

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I gotta tell you – again.

This Metoo shit all over the place – I mean, is there any limit to what (some) women will or won’t do in terms of being “pure as the driven snow” or potraying themselves to be?

Or, “we are always right, we have the right to denigrate everyone, but no-one – especially MEN have the right to do the same to us”?

Sounds a lot like liberals, retards, faggots, SJW’s – and the Biden admin in general for that matter…

But this ain’t about politics, or is it?

Before I start…

Yours truly has been very open about his own “dalliances” – both with single women and married.

Not a single woman has claimed “metoo” against me. I say that not to brag, but as a FACT.

And if they ever would?

I’d just smile and say the following.

Honey, YOU instigated it. Not me.

YOU knew very well what I was, married, or not – whatever it was at the time BEFORE you even started “talking” to me, let alone do anything.

Because, and again, its TRUE.  (maybe thats why none of them have bitched about it later. Nothing if not safe am yours truly, hehe.

Dont get me wrong – I wanted it too – but I was never the one that made the first move. Hehe. Yes, Equally culpable, but that dont mean she gets off the hook!)

I know, I know. Me the Casanova, the UNSCRUPLOUS Lothario, those are facts too, but, hehe… I do it smartly!).

Especially with the married women!

Now, dont get me wrong – I’m not advocating cheating on each other or what not – but it happens all the time!

What doesnt happen all the time though, is ladies shaking my hand and damn near crushing it, hehe (nah – with ladies I’ll always grip less!)

In 2003, a lady from the US (i was working in India) at the time showed up at work, and I shook her hand.

“You’ve got a strong grip!” was her response.


It was more Madam’s grip – she was STRONG as heck – pocked sized, but solid, strong grip!

Much like Peng Shuai’s grip, I might imagine!

This lady is a world class Chinese tennis player that has won events at Wimbeldon and such, and I respect accomplishments like that.

No matter what her other thought processes might be, no matter if she comes out tomorrow and says “I’m a man” (or the reverse, seems to be a thing these days???) – no matter what.

Her accomplishments are hers, and no-one can take those away from her.  (same thing for uber Nazi feminist Naomi Osaka in Japan, super tennis player no matter what – and believe me, tennis ain;t easy to play- I should know this!)

Of course, HOW it all happened, as always in China, is a murky, murky story.

I dont know if y’all have been following the latest metoo B.S. in China – which in China was very swiftly censored.

Metoo has been a thing in China for ages now – thats a country with some of the most, if not THE most dominating and overbearing, nasty (in a “Nazi feminist”) way women …

(again, fact).

But rarely, if ever, does it target members – especially the elite of the untouchable CCP.

Hell, even Jack Ma couldn’t touch the CCP – he didnt even criticize them directly, or at all, yet, look at what happened to the Alibaba IPO!

In China, the message is simple.

Money doesnt rule the roost.

End of the day, the CCP DOES!

Not saying thats right.

I am hardly a supporter of the CCP as y’all know, but I’m FAIR if nothing else.

And this trend of women willingly jumping into bed with men THEY KNOW ARE MARRIED – and then bitching about it later sickens me!

What happened was she slept with him, had a relationship (one of those “break up now, back together tomorrow” sort of relationships) for 10 years, and now for whatever reason she’s now jumped on to the nigh and what I’ve always said is highly idiotic METOO bandwagon.

Upon reading the article, and then the email sent out by Peng completely retracting her other claims, and no-one believing it (obviously) … my thoughts?

Great publicity for you, Peng, for one. Hehe.

Even if it was genuine, and it probably is, some part of it … who would be stupid enough in China to speak out DIRECTLY against a TOP ranking member of the CCP – likely a person that ALLOWED her to break all the barriers she has (dont get me wrong, performances are hers, but in China, the CCP decides ALL – including who is allowed to represent the country in what). . . ?

Somehow, I dont believe Peng is that naive – or stupid.

Might all be part of an elaborate marketing ploy, though I doubt it.

But anyway, lets assume it’s not.

What essentially happened is she knew him for years, slept with him WILLINGLY – WILLINGLY … there were NO obligations on either party’s side … and …

Now it’s metoo?

The story is long and complex, and I’ll post what Peng said initially, which of course within 30 minutes or so of it being posted on Weibo was deleted …

Here it is –

Basically, friend, you can see the following –

Budding tennis player.

“Man in position of power”.

“It happened – neither party forced each other”.

Bla Bla Bla Bla.

And then this metoo.

I mean, really, when will women start to be held accountable for what they did willingly?

Know what I find abhorrent about all this?

If the roles were reversed, and it was a MALE tennis player – how many times would he be able to complain about the same, even if it was genuine?

Society in general would LAUGH at the guy.

Yet, women pull this shit and get away with it daily??

I dont get it, my friend.

What I DO GET is it’s a huge, huge problem – and many of my great customers deal with it daily, and what I do know is I’ve got huge experience not just dealing with this sort of thing, but profiting from it, and telling YOU how to do it.

Check out THIS book here

And thats all I gotta say about that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As General Michael told me back in the day,

“If you dont like what I have to say, please feel free to FLAME ME publicly”.


PS #2 – This site I believe is already intermittently BLOCKED in mainland China which alone is a badge of honor, eh. Hehe. As Mike Pompeo once famously said, if the ccp censors you, prohibits you from ever getting a visa again or what not as they did him?

Badge of honor, hehe. I mean that!

PPS – Apparently the wife was involved too? Interesting how women are often the ones doing (or being silent spectators to) – it to other women? “Women are women’s greatest enemies”, my wife once said. Maybe she’s right. And this lady says it all herself!

PPS #2 – All this hoo haa about Peng having disappeared, same thing happened to Jack Ma, and he never even criticized the CCP, just spoke about economic policies, and Jack Ma was RIGHT!

HIs results speak, for one.

But he was told to lie low, in China, when the CCP tells you something, you just have to do it, same thing for this Peng dame. Dont tell me she didnt know it wouldn’t happen either…

She will likely show up in public again after a few months – much like the female movie stars and others that were basically told to stand back and stand down or else..

HYPOCRITE!!!! Thats the word that comes to mind. Eh.  (of course, she said so much herself, so before you blame me….)

And it being China, and if these guys actually HELPED her climb that ladder (if, but being China, its a very real possibility and probably DID HAPPEN) – then UNGRATEFUL TOO.

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