What Tom Tom ?Schofield and the lot got wrong about “apeing Rahul” – attracting “women” and so forth…
- Poor chap, hehe.

Poor chappie, actually, given thats the parlance in the part of the UK he claims he’s from, judging by what he does, he’s actually the top scammer in Nigeria right now.

But anyway, I remember how the Bozo used to pester me back in the day.

I used to come back after a long ass workout, tired, hot, sweaty, shoes SQUELCHING sweat big time . . .


And Bozo would pop up.

“how many girls added your wechat”

(in the title I use “women” in quotes because you know, Glyn and his preferences, ugh…

Like dude, plenty did yes, but I dont even take the blasted dumbphone with me, I call it the dumbphone, and my daughter routinely PILLORIES me for it, as I’m sure (privately) does my significant other – and I do NOT, I repeat, do NOT interrupt my workout for anything, much like people in general dont look away from the dumbphoen for even one instant for ANYTHING.

I mean, it’s rude to go on a date, stare at the dumbphone and not your partner, its rude to stare at the bloody phone when people talk to you – folks in general dont get that, do they.

Plenty did, yes, but I chose the ones I wanted.

Top class, top quality, thats all that mattered to me, not the silly “married” tag or not.

A lady Gwen I was talking to in Romania the other day confirmed the same.

” I can’t see how people just HAVE to get married…” she went. 

She’s in agreement with what I said, live together for years, thats fine, but once that TAG comes in, a switch goes off in people’s brains, both male and female, and it all goes down the commode, and what she said about “I’ve seen plenty of relationships doing just fine over the years – go south so quickly once they got married” – well, it just confirms what I keep telling people – have been for years – told my “then girlfriend” this when she just had to get married without, you know, first living together (how dare I!) …

“IT’s a piece of goddamned paper is what it is”.

dont get me wrong.

There’s feeling involves, committment etc, religion for many, but end of the day, thats what it is, a piece of paper, dont believe me you say, well, take a look at the spiraling divorce rates everywhere.

And no, the plague from China isn’t responsible – not solely, at any rate for that either.

People are just getting to hate each other for some reason, I dont know why.

Anyway …. (maybe that old thing about there being too many people).

“Ma’am You’re so nice!” was the corny ass pickup line the Bozo used.

Results, well, you tell me.

Women despite all the hoo haa about metoo want real men at the end of the day, period.

My results speaketh. Hehe.

Despite relationship status or other nonsense, but more than that – two things.

One, I use the above line ALL The time. Hehe.

It works wonders – for me.

Two, you gotta be honest.

It ain’t about the words, or even what you say.

It’s HOW you say it.

It boils down to – I’m a honest mofo, and I’ll give it to you STRAIGHT. In all regards. Life, relationships, women, and if I like her, I like her, I’ll tell her!

Regardless of anything else.

EVERYONE respects that, women, men, even the SJW and faggot sorts.

Not that I’ve said it to the latter two, Glyn likely does (his latest is going about some “Mr Wang” and what a “pretty” wang he has – really, if you dont believe me, I’ll screenshot and send).

The bottom line Bozo forgot to get is this.

It’s about VIBES.

Being honest.

FEELING is ultimately what works. People can feel fake, and people can feel REAL.

That works regardless of WHAT you’re trying to attract to yourself, my friend.

Money, business, what you really want, and if you’re honest about it, and if you could give a crap less about repercussions or not.

If you really want it, TAKE it – but pay the PRICE first. 

Simple as that.

Fitness wise, same thing – two things basically.

One, well, if you want world class fitness products, you pay the tab. Simple. Yes, I have great offers going on, but I often get tired of people ignoring them and “doing nothing”.

A lot of you on this list have done nothing as well on the last great Battletank Shoulders sale we had.

And my dear reader, if YOU  haven’t taken action, and are “lying low” – for heavens sake – WHY? Write back, please tell me? (IF)

Some of you have – kudos!

And two …

What is it you REALLY want out of your fitness routine? 

I could tell you, but that wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference until and unless you thought about it, and decided for yourself.

Dont just jump into any old routine before first picturing yourself as you want, friend, I’ve said this plenty of times.

Yet, it’s ignored.

Visualization is key, and thats just the bottom line, son, circa “Steve Austin”, one of the best and greatest, hehe, in my view the greatest ever in the WWE!

And certainly the toughest SOB out there, now despite what people think about his beer drinking, he’s more of a WINE drinker if you can believe that, supports gay rights and such.

Always two sides to every coin eh.

People dont see that.

I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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