Sequels, Lumbering Lumbers, Agility, and more…
- And of course, a bit of a tale. Hehe.

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A bit of a tale, too, hehe as always – and more on why the ORIGINAL is always, bar none, always better than the Sequel.

Unless you’re talking the Hannibal series or the Bourne series, but in both thos ecases, the skills of Matt Damon and Anthony Hopkins (not in that order) carried it through.

Even down to the last Bourne movie, which was somewhat downright ridiculous in some parts, Bourne pulls it off – keeps it believable – thanks to Damon!

Anyway, I spoke earlier about how horror movies usually make me laugh (unless its the ones mentioned above i.e. the Hannibal series – Gong Li looked pretty cute in one of the prequels too, heh) …

Some of those movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2013 3d – like I wrote about – are REALLY bad movies.

Some not so much, but I always find myself giggling, even the Bollywood ones make me giggle. Hehe.

I dont know, perhaps because of my connection to the subconscious, I could care less about the evil etc that does exist …

But anyway, that 3D adaptation of the original, and I’m sure the muddled movies in the middle – there were plenty – for the Texas Chainsaw massacre was FAR gorier than the original.

The original has hardly no gore at all, of course, in keeping with the times, the makers of the movie focused far more on fluff than the real thing.

I suppose if you like CGI gore, then the last one (2013) is for you, to me it all seemed unnatural and laughable except for brief moments.

The violence in both of Stallones movies Rambo – and Rambo (Last Blood) was CGI too, but far more believable – again, Sly does the trick!

(Rambo III was pretty hilarious though in some ways. Hehe. But, it still gets the job done!).

Anyway ……..

Sly is hardly all bulk and not nimble.

Even till this day.

You see him throwing punches in Expendables, or back in the day in the 1978 Cobra, one of my favorite movies till date and most panned by the critics, you see him moving like a boxer against an axe wielding nutjob, far bigger than him, IF you catch it – it’s a brief glimpse of Sly’s footwork, moving from one foot to the other in the OPPOSITE  manner as you do in real life.

Ask any boxer, they’ll tell you that shifting weight from the right to left is not done in that order as most people would – it’s done in the reverse order, and it’s an art.

My, I remember the sore lower back I got when Marc the african silverback Gorilla put me through those drills!

But …

For the “Chainsaw” movies, the main villian is massive – bulky – and fat.

He relies on surprise, of course, and scared others to do most of his work.

But I keep thinking, someone coming at me like that, regardless of how big, I’d duck and get the LEGS out.

Then, as my buddy from the Marines said, once he’s down on the ground, you got him!

Pyschos though and serial killers are rarely trained fighters or anything like ;em (neither am I for that matter).

But it’s funny, the way they show violence in the movies, right down to how “heros” fire their guns – any gun expert would laugh at most of it. HEhe.

Do they ever show the recoil?

Never, hehe. It’s always easy as pie isnt it?

In reality, the polar opposite, but anyway, this big ole nasty dude?

He’d be a lot more effective if he, you know, was NIMBLE AND FLEET FOOTED in addition to being big (Hannibal wasn’t big, but he was damn nimble!).

If he was, hed be that much harder to take down, as it is, he just lumbers through the movie in a comical – to me, at least – farm boy through muck – sort of way .

“Iiiiiii” (Southern twang, hehe) mean he just … he doesnt even BEND – for anything, I cannot recall him bending through either one of those two movies, if there is a door locked, he chainsaws through it, brambles you gotta go under, ditto, and so forth. Even when he’s cutting corpses up, the only thing that really bends are his meaty meat cleaver like forearms!

All size, and nothign else, without that chainsaw and surprise, and scared dames, hehe, one in the first movie reminds me so of the ex in the US, he himself would be a sitting duck for anyone with half a brain, let alone training.

(even these taekwondo guys could easily just kick the damn chainsaw out)

First movie got it all spot on though in terms of true horror or true anything beyond all about the mind.

And settings, and isolation, and so forth …

And they relied FAR less on screams and such, and when they did happen, it was real!

These days, of course …

Oh yeah.

The ORIGINAL Exorcist, another movie that was downright bone chilling!

The sequels – yawns.

Anyway ………….

This ain’t a movie review site, hehe. But I do kinda like Auntie Lee for one, and all the actors mentioned above!!

For YOU – it means this bro.

Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness will get you the bulk, strength, bone and muscle both – solid TENDON strength – and just raw bulk and size like none of my other courses will, but here;s what people Don’t and won’t notice about it.

In addition to, and Ive even got a decidely bulky picture on the sales page – the bulk – youll get NIMBLE too.

Just check out the medly of workouts at the end, friend, you’ll see what I mean!

THAT is yet something else which differentiates not just this, but ALL of my books from the crowd.

And justifies the price, rave reviews, insanely satisfied customers, the trolls and so forth …

GEt your hands on the pre-order then for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness before it is GONE.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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