Big, Mammoth BULK – and possibly fat?? – … or, slim, and BROAD!
- Yes, this is what I gotta say, and how!

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I dont know how to put a picture in your mind here …

Well, actually I do.

I’ve been doing it in each and every email I send!

You know it too, hehe.

But the best way for this one, think about the lumbering pyscho who didnt even BEND down in the Chainsaw massacre movies.

He’s HUGE. Massive arms!

And FAT too – look at his belly.

But it’s hard fat, the fat that dont jiggle when you slam it.

Yet, if I had to pit him against a BROAD 6’1″ lean and mean martial artist?

Guess who I’d choose.

Heck, I’d choose even Bruce Lee anyday, even though pscyho if he was asked to, and could wrap his brain around “not everything requires a chainsaw” (I mean, this dude doesn’t even open doors, he chainsaws through them!) could probably press him a 100 times or so over.

One kick to the jaw – or to the ankles is ALL it woul dtake to fell the big fella.

And he’s out for the count (he’s certainly no judo star, hehe – if he is, now thats something else, but martial artists in ANY league generally aren’t “massive bellied!”).

Anyway ………

I know.

all of you want huge arms…

The biceps, the massive chest…

But you’d be lying to say if you said that deep down inside, you know all that bulk ain’t really useful.

And lets not even talk useful, because we’ve been there several times.

Unless it’s pure solid muscle like with Doug Hepburn, it rarely IS useful – and is the first to turn to FAT.

Now, the other case I mentioned?

It is the LAST to turn to fat.

“He’s thick, but you’re BROAD! You can tell you workout!”

“You’ve got that PACKED chest!”

Remember these comments?

I’m sure you do, if not, search on the site, they’re there for posterity (I dont want to link them – the lazy asses might as well move a finger or two, hehe)

But you, my friend would be lying if that ultra broad shoulders, ultra slim waist, and PACKED chest – with fibers SO DENSELY packed they scream STRENGTH – isn’t attractive.

It’s what women want out of men.

It is what MEN admire in other men – lets face it.

“Youre in great shape!”

That almost minimal bodyfat without it being unnatural like either Stallone was in the day – or ridiculously bordering on “moobs” Arnie back in the day…

That moobs thing, its true – check it out on the internet!

THAT is where it’s at, friend.

Dont get me wrong.

Pushup Central, for one, and Battletank Shoulders will pack on plenty of muscle.

But, they will give you the DENSE, packed muscle look – not the bloated boobybuilder look.

Which you want, now, you decide!

Ditto for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, which many of you have yet not placed a pre-order for.

Folks, the more I add to this book, the more the price will go up.

So it’s up to you …

It’s the best in fitness – bar none, even from me, which is saying a hell of a lot.

So go ahead and grab the pre-order at the special it’s at now – it’s truly the best present you can make to someone this holiday season!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Or in any season, for that matter, bro. Honest!

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