The “they touch my stomach!!!” rant – and why I’m actually in agreement with it.
- Some things, just plain RUDE.

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Some things, just plain RUDE and disrespectful, my friend.

Not to mention some of the stuff people pull in places like China and India for one would likely get you shot in other places.

Remember Glyn Bozo for one ending up in the emergency room last year (before the infamous “shoved bleach up his arse to get rid of COVID” episode)?

Lips busted, nose busted, a nasty gash on his cranium, or what passes for it . . .

As Charles said, “someone probably got tired of his BS“.

Charles was more right than he knew – and than I let on. HEhe.

“Did you say you have pictures of Glyn doing drugs”?

Pictures? I’ve got full CCTV …

But anyway (and curiously enough, Bozo was so high he himself sent me the pictures, apparently using Mom’s credit card to snort was “something to post on social media”??) … Chuck once went off about “these rude Chinese!”

And how for one they’d all make comments about how fat he was, “can he get it up in bed” (not due to any other issue other than being fat) – “what position they use” (literally!) – they’d all also pet his tummy like some sort of exotic animal while poor Chuck stewed. 

“They keep coming up to me and poking me (or maybe he said touching) my tummy!”

Glyn, of course, took all of this (now Glyn, there’s someone who is even fatter!) – as some sort of inane compliment.

Unfortunately back in the UK he grabbed one ass too many, and one of the lads (rightly so) let him have it, and there was Bozo in the emergency room, pestering Chuck about “I want to be friends with Rahul, I’m so sorry!” for what I did – typical “scorpion” like stuff I saw right through …

But really, I don’t agree with Chuck on the flab, and pull-ups being useless or whatever he said they were, most certainly NOT on his political views regarding covid and China for one – but this?

Fuck yeah I agree bro.

That is just plain RUDE, taking liberties like that with strangers!

Walking up to someone you dont know from Adam (or Eve) and touching tummies and such – liable to get you punched in the nose, and thats just the beginning of it.

I’ve had it happen in the past too, BOTH when I was a phat phock and when I was slim – but mostly for me, oddly enough, its always been the chest they poke and feel as if I was Russell Crowe in the Gladiator with them feeling his rump muscles and such (literally treating the slaves like animals – and despite what Glyn reading this might think, it ain’t THAT I mean).

I’ve even had someone from the literal “third gender” poke me in the chest, this was 2011 in India so he – or she – got away with it, apparently you can’t say anything because they dress female or some nonsense.

I HATE that sort of touchy feely crap, that “touch BS” from people I dont even know, they have no business doing that.

Ditto for taking pictures when told not to – I’ve been known to snatch – or grab on to phones and not let go until my photo was deleted (the stock “we delete already” in China does NOT mean they’ve done so).

(that last bit got me into many a tussle, but so be it. To me, my personal space is SACROSANCT).

Unfortunately this sorta thing is way too common in China, and really – as far as their stupid questions about “what positions they used” – I wouldn’t be surprised if Glyn had given them one of his sissy worship courses (such as the one I referred to in the last email, which he bought, then had guilt trips over or what not) or what not.

The Chinese are more than happy to get their fix of free English, no matter which way they get it.

Despite their claims to the contrary …

And what positions, really, his girlfriend isn’t that skinny either. I remember being WAY slimmer than her (I know, sounds strange!) – when we all met …

Next to Chuck, maybe she seems “a bit slimmer”, but really, for me, looking at them, nothing so out of the ordinary, but then again, what do I know. Hehe. I’ve been in places “dawnnnnn South” where they make them BIGGGGGG for one!


But it’s just plain rude, unfortunately treating foreign devils like oddities out of some crazy museum is way more common than you’d think.

Of course, slobbering faggots like Glyn with his “Mr Wang” (he picked that up from this site i.e. when I Refer to it as “wang doodle”) fetish … they dont make it any better for the very tiny sane minority out there like yours truly (in China).

And that, my friend is that.

Respect – always paramount!

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Rahul Mookerjee

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