I truly feel insulted.

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It’s hard not to say this, and it’s hard to say it!

And nah – I dont “really” feel insulted. 

I know whats going on, BUT, and this is a Glyn Schofield like butt – a LOT of you have not gotten back on ANY of the emails I’ve sent as of late. 

Special offers, new products, pre-orders, nothing seems to “hit the spot” – except, here’s the thing. 

It DOES hit the spot. 

OPen rates (and y’all know what I think of stats, for one) have more than TRIPLED for these here emails I send. 

And so have click through rates etc. 

Yet, oddly enough, responses back – they have DECREASED – except from a very SELECT AND ELITE BUNCH OF DOERS. 

Now, before you give me the standard sop, friend … 

I know you’re in a bad mood, I know you’re “too busy” (except not really, hehe, you know how it goes) – I know like me a lot of you “just want to be left alone” (but even yours truly finds time to get back to what and who REALLY MATTERS) … 

… I know a lot of you – dont want to spend a single red cent right about now – but you do. Hehe. 

Lots of great DEALS, unlike Black Friday everywhere which you can already see, those great deals are a thing of the past – at 0 Excuses Fitness, nothing doing, business as usual – and those great offers and deals are KNOCKING AT YOUR DOORSTEP, almost! ?

But here’s the thang, friend. 

If you dont want to do even what doesnt cost one red cent, if you’re not getting back … 

If you say “I just want to read but not reply” – both you and me know thats a COP OUT. 

So yeah, I guess I do feel a bit insulted, but then again – I feel the opposite too, since I know how people have gotten these days, I know people are acting abnormally – I know people “have given up caring”. 

What can I say, eh. 

Except another call out to keep what matters in your life … 

And for those of you that have bought a lot of my products – but haven’t left a REVIEW in months – kindly step up to the plate and do so NOW. 

And that, my friend is all I’m asking … 

The rest of course, is up to you. 

(never one to provoke chainsaws) 

(nah, kidding, but you get my drift!?)



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I mean, think about it…

An old friend trying to get in touch, you never reply, wouldn’t YOU feel the same way?

I dont think I’m being unreasonable here, friend.

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