“Like dogs at each other’s THROATS”
- Hehe.

I dont know if I told y’all about an idiot “Chloe” (not Chloe Lee, hehe) – once – WAY back in the day when I was living in … Gawd, I can’t remember his name, ah.


Brian’s apartments, as we called ’em.

Tiny little studio apartments packed together like sardines, wooden floors, thats all I coul dafford to be honest.

And I was so happy!

College days!

“Thats all you need!” remarked a friend of mine Aaron when he came to visit.


I used a velvet cloth for a curtain. Taped together to the windows.

Hey, it worked, I didnt like blinds because I once had peeping Tom’s try and catch a glimpse of me – at home – and believe it or not, on the THRONE in a public university library.

The freaks out there, ugh.

Glyn Schofield certainly has company!

But Chloe bitched up a storm once about my girlfriend – stomping her feet in the shower or what not.

Apparently it was to “clean between her toes”.

Glyn, where were you. lol.

(I had no idea why she was doing it, so I asked).

And she complained up a STORM . . .

When Emily my girlfriend at the time spoke to Brain, she blew her top too.

So naturally, Rahul got pulled into the middle!

I took her side.


He was a wise dude!

And, taught me one thing – I was a shitty negotiator back then. Hehe.

“You’re not a very good negotiator“, he laughed at me on ce when I was trying to get my deposit back.

Girlfriend lived next door, got none back – I got MOST of it back, but he should have returned it ALL . ..

But anyway, beyond the usual about women . . .

“Rahul, listen to me”, he said, interrupting me.

“Thats like dogs living together in tiny kennels!”

Seeing how people are at each other throats regardless of the size of their silly houses these days – I cannot help but chortle.

Ole brian had it spot on.

Live and let live, anyone???

And of course, those that created the pandemic – so called – exploited this so well!

Anyway …

With all going on, people just dont get it, do they

You have lunatics running cars into people, you have nutjobs in power recommending masks or else – you’ve got the whole word panicked, frustrated and depressed.

Hitler would have a field day.

Maybe he is right now in Argentina. Hehe.

Try telling that to the Bozos and Tom Tommer’s though …

But he was right, people – thats a trait people dont have in general i.e live and let live.

And sometimes I think the chainsaw guys are the smart ones, do all they can to avoid people.

Of course, ONCE you’re in their sights, you’re gone.

Kinda like you on this list, there is NO escaping the fact I will push my offers DAILY – because guess what.

It’s good for you.

And unlike what (certain) mothers say – it truly IS GOOD FOR YOU!

The best, actually – and thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS -I remember a case in India where I was once sardonically referring to a maid (people in general in India tend to treat them as sub human? For me, just another person, I could never understand the “dont sit on our chairs”thing and squat on the floor. Heck, nothing against squatting on the floor, Id rather that than park my assimum in a chair all day … but you know, it’s insulting to treat people that way, but India, subcontinent, China to an extent, though NOT AS BAD! – what can I say!)

Anyway, she was a great ole lady.

And I was telling her as she as on her haunches sweeping (she asked your struly “chainsaw” if I was busy first, which I appreciated, I find the vast majority of maids insanely annoying and aggravating, I refuse to deal with them, especially the young ones, I’ve been that way since childhood with the fat tub of lard that was there as a maid growing up and mos tof th eothers, skinny,fit or not – but this one  was different!).

And I replied, no, me, look at me, in a dark room, sitting, “doing nothing”.

look at you, on the floor, sweeping, mopping.

“Madam, I’m just you know, the bum on the streets, y’all be the one that really, you know, work!”

And I dont know if it was me calling her Madam, and then Aunty …

Or, what it was …

But she giggled like no-one’s business, my ex heard it (well, my current SO actually) – and ..

Well rest of that tale later.

Kinda glad Glyn the maid wasn’t around then, hehe.

PS #2 – I learned from Brian’s experience, next time around, the cleaning guy when I vacated my apartment showed up FIRST.

“This is spotless!” he said, looking around, big ole black dude.

“Now you go to the management, they’ll give your deposit back, tell them (I forgot his name) said so!”

They had great service, serviceman, ole “good ole boy” was great too, would show up in a minute for a clogged toilet or what not!

But the owner was an ass, reedy beanpole, but he had no choice but to return the deposit.

Lessons we all learn, hehe.

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