The one trait I highly admire in the pyscho in “Chainsaw Massacre”
- I really do. Hehe.

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…. is this.

This guy is a lunatic – and has the body of a massive guy working on a farm all his life – and on cars (those forearms!) (I still remember Bruce back in the day, skinny as heck, yet a strong, strong grip … from working on cars all day back in the day – that will DO IT!) …. and the mind of a 8 year old …

Anyway, another short flashback first about how the grip – and punch – is usually the LAST to go on a man – if you’ve trained hard and heavy your whole life!

There was a time in … I believe somewhere in 2013, where I wasn’t quite “phat phock”, but certainly not a lean and mean fighting machine either, a guy that saw me when I was, and then when I wasn’t – he said the following.

“Rahul what happened!” 

Now, I wasn’t fat then – no way.

But I “looked different”, as my buddy from the Marines said. “Thats just how it is”, he said. “You ain’t fat!” but you look different. 

And THIS guy … well, he said the following too.

“You have a core of steel, a VERY STRONG CORE – but now, what happened!”

And then  I remember him saying th efollowing –

“I’m sure you’re still super fit though”.

(which I was doing pull-ups etc, so … pull-ups, with any extra weight around the midsection, you just can’t do ’em, period).

“And your grip, super strong still!”

He was basically referring to the “bulky” look, not so much “fat”.

But anyway – back to Mr Chainsaw the Loon –

So he’s a pyschotic killer that apparently wears masks he fashions out of the faces of his victims – something that these serial killer movies – all the serial killers seem to do, and it comes off (to me, at least) as I’ve said before – downright comical.

Maybe the comic factor and the grisly stuff in there is what makes the nuttiness stand out from all the other horror – laughable to me – movies I’ve watched.

Except the Exorcist, the original one, NONE scared me.

But anyway, this dude – unlike the killers in the other movies?

He doesn’t search for victims.

In fact, he does all he can to AVOID THEM!

You’ll see, that huge house seems empty – you clang the doorbell like 15 times, no-one opens, then you step into the house “hello, is anyone there!” (which you should NOT DO, hehe – even if the house doesn’t have nutjobs – sometimes, people like me dont like to be disturbed and as my Dad once told me “badgered”) (we’re badgering him, he told my Mom – which he was right, they were!) ….

… It’s only when you really push, really, really attempt to enter the basement, and even then, the heavy metal door – that would deter most folks – that out comes the nutjob, with chainsaw in hand.

And once you’re in his sights, of course, he don’t let go!

But like the character in the movie, I do all I can to avoid idiots and morons.

And right until this day, I don’t chase customers – or people in general.

I let THEM come to me.

How I attract is of course – well, I’ve spoken about all that before.

But the top part, it boils down to this, and yet another reason I love Texas.

“My life, my property, now dont BADGER ME!”

I’ve always loved to be left alone …

And there it standeth, friend.

Thats why I never answer phones for one, and do everything on email. Most people hate that about me, but that is how it will be no matter what.

I’ve found the phone is an excuse to badger people – there are very few things (ah, that drill started up outdoors, hehe) that cannot be said on email that can be on the phone, and it’s always best in writing.

On the phone, it turns into a hollering contest.

(just look at the 2020 Presidential Debate for one, hehe – the first and the second!)

Anyway ……………………….

What can I say, my “nikkas”.

We got some great, great offers going on for YOU as the clock ticks down to Thanksgiving.

Some of you still have not stepped up to the “plate” – why is that, my friend?

Grab your special offers before they run out, because come the end of the month, they all will.

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Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

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