Do you want to get a shoutout from us?
- The latest rot . . .

Woke up to this today, damn near . . .

Hello 0excusesfitness,
We just wanted to get in touch with you because we did see your 
lovely images and we really think you are doing an extraordinary 
job. We would love to see more from you because we love your 
We would love to share some of your phenomenal photos on our 
account <chopped>. We do have more than 60000 followers 
right now, and we know they will love your images if they see 
them and many of them will also start following you. 
You will gain so many new followers if we can share some of your 
phenomenal images on our profile and your images will be seen by 
thousands of people. 
Let me know if we can share some of them on our Instagram feed?

Best Regards
Team Bozos

I dont think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out what my answer was, or lack thereof . . .

Those of you on the list for ages know I could give a fig less about social media, numbers of followers and so forth.

I’d rather focus on the QUARTERS – four big quarters, then a hundred pennies to be honest, and  most of this rubbish on social media – while it’s true people have nothing better to do these days and getting more moronic by the day “addicted” – I want nothing to do with the vast majority of people, because they ain’t DOERS.

That ain’t even getting into the whole thing of when they deplatform you one fine day, the fees you pay all these companies to promote you on there, they deplatform you, you lose your subscribers, company finds another patsy, and you’re – well – you’re back where you started.

Nah, no thank you – very much.

But it does bring up an interesting question, my friend, one I’ve often asked – and precious few people have replied.

YOU the DOER – write back to me – send me a description of your current workout, what you do, a bit of “blurb” about you – and a picture too if possible – so I can put in on this site!

That DOERS section is ready – we just need a substantial amount of people to launch it.

And please – it ain’t even got nothing to do with money.

In fact, YOU get a $50 off your next purchase – or a flat $50 added to your site wallet, whichever you choose – for sending in your story.

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – get back to me – send in your story!

Whatever it is …

Now as far as images are concerned, Bozo is addicted to my images for one.

He’s obsessed with me, many people are . . .

I do that to folks!

But those “movie star like” looks – physically – came about when I was one – on my lonesome, which I’ve always been a lone wolf (Uncle was right, hehe) – but also on some solid fitness programs.

Believe it or not, the foundation for Animal Kingdom Workouts – and Advanced Hill Training was laid BEFORE the 0 Excuses Fitness System, although I hardly knew it.

And these courses, friend, are what YOU need to pick up right now to get started on the path to looking that way – physically.

You might not want to look like a movie star, or care less

(but lets be honest – all of us do!)

But the raw, brutal physicality – THAT is what I BE talking about.

We all care about that, friend. Period.

Whether we admit it or not.

The best Thanksgiving present you can give someone, where you can literally eat more – yet weigh less . . .

Get these courses now, my friend.

The best ever!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Those of you that have got, but not reviewed, step up to the PLATE my friend. There is still time!

(and you’re pardoned. Hehe. Just saw Biden do that a couple of days ago I wonder if the bird was laughing, hehe).