The elusive (or not) Rahul Mookerjee
- And a very happy Turkey Day to all of you!

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I’m a highly elusive person for the most part.

If I dont want to be found, contacted, etc, then much like the pyscho in “Chainsaw Massacre” – you’ll have to go through hell and high water to even find me (if you can).

Online, offline, whichever it is, and even if you do find me, chances are it ain’t gonna be easy to get a hold to me.

Of course, ONCE I’ve got you in my sights … hehe


But it reminds me of an ole Steve Austin line which he often employed …

“Hell son, I ain’t a hard man to find!”

He wasnt – and neither am I, when I WANT to be found – or when I want to find YOU.

Which I do all the time, hehe.

And will continue to!

But anyway … on this here Happy ? Day – happy thanksgiving! (again)

As y’all BE filling your bellies with the “autumn harvest” or what not – or as y’all BE drinking up that scotch, hehe  – remember … one thing.

Certainly not ME.

But remember, all that eating and drinking has gotta go someplace, and the bellies creep up, my friend, much like advancing age.

It’s easy to LOSE your gains (much like money) – but it’s easy to pile on the “pounds” (or debt – much like money again).

So while today is definitely the day for cheer, eating, drinking etc – remember, as I keep spelling out in the Simple and Effective Diet, moderation is key – for everything.

almost everything, not really exercise though!

But even there, you gotta be SMART about it.

And to get rid of all the turkey necks, hangovers, double chins, protruding bellies, muffin tops (ugh) – bingo wings etc that will no doubt pile on during the Jolly season, well, My course Eat More – Weigh  Less is what you need to get NOW.

And that endeth this one.

Back soon – and happy thanksgiving again, you deserve it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, do your thanksgiving / Xmas shopping HERE. Pull out that credit card NOW, my friend – it’s SHOPPING time from the comfort of your home, scotch by your side, no crowds to deal with, no “non existent” deals, and more …

(dont you just hate it when people sell you what should be worth $200 for $1200, then claim it’s a deal because the original price was $1500)?

None of that here, our offers are as genuine as ever.

Jump on them NOW, they will NOT last forever though.

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