Why I’m certainly not “losing enthusiasm”…
- Never!

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Gorilla Girl (Sophia) told me several interesting tales of a “cuck”  lusting after her.

Every time she did all she could to humiliate him – without even trying to – kinda  like what Glyn Bozo wants – he’d lap it up – and come back for more!

Every time he’d ask her for anything remotely sexual?


“Keep dreaming!”

Not a chance!

would be her answers.

Now, this guy and her – well, they both liked each other. And the “sadomasoschism”, or in this case the “kink”- or the “50 shades of Sophia” was a mutually agreed upon thing.

She’d actually do way more with him that she would with anyone else.


’tis how it works my friend, not what you see in the movies about “hot guys every girl wants”. Real life doesn’t quite work that way, even without the “kink” or BDSM or what you call it.

But I thought of her “never” answers this morning when replying to Marley from Canada, who was asking me if I “lost enthusiasm”.


True, my latest book Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness has been a while coming.

But thats only because there are so many others people on this list have not gotten, and more importantly, there is a type of kettlebell I want to complete that section, and you know me, my friend.

I do it right, or I dont do it at all.

Profound “70% Gorilla 30% Human” Handstands was written on the SPUR of the moment – in one day.

No planning.

With me, I live in the FLOW!

And this dictates how and when things happen – period.

That subconscious planning is frustrating for those that dont know about it – myself included (consciously for the most part).

But it works, my friend.

It is what I have used all my life, it is what I will CONTINUE to use.

I stand by it 100%.

Now …

I COULD use some more support from you on this list, my friend.

I dont know what’s happened to the world in general, but people are just retreating further into their shells (while claiming “no, we’re just busy”) – and just claiming “we dont care anymore” – when they damn sure well do! – and just,in general, acting STRANGE.

I dont know why that is, my friend.

I dont get it.

And I’m disappointed in that many of you great guys on this list are acting that way as well, not getting back, not doing much at all …

Inaction doesn’t necessarily equate to “not want to”.

So I’m at a loss to understand, for instance, why people that love my books wouldn’t leave a review and get a 10% off for the next one – which they’d buy anyway?

True, they could care less about the price – when a DOER wants something, he wants it, regardless of price, and people are more than happy to pay big bucks for my books anyway because they deliver – and how!

But yeah, perhaps some people would get de-motivated by the lack of responses etc, Marley ..

Yours truly is made of FAR sterner stuff.

So no- and yes, the pre-order still continues, so guys, place the pre-order now – because trust me, and my actions in the past PROVE this – when I’m done with the book, that price will go UP again.

I’ve told you why (especially with my background) – there is no-one else out there that can put out this sort of book – in a way YOU can understand.

In a language YOU can comprehend (hint – it ain’t about English here).

And so forth.

For now, if you’re looking for super tough workouts?

Battletank Shoulders and Animal Kingdom Workouts will do the trick.

If you can get through even workout #1 in any of these books without collapsing halfway through, you’re a fuckin stud, my friend, ain’t no two ways around it!

And of course, one of my famous – the best ever books on pull-ups – Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD – within weeks!

Take action now, my friend.

There truly is NO OTHER better place to do your Christmas shopping ahead of time – than here!


Rahul Mookerjee

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