Why I (more on this!) dont believe in the PHONE. . .
- Dumb or not, hehe.

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I’ve written tomes about this before, why I dont do video calls, or get on the phone in general.

SOMETIMES, I might need to – but the OVERWHELMING majority of the time, I’ve found it’s two things.

One, a massive waste of time – and nothing that couldn’t be done over email. Or texts.

Two, it’s an excuse for the other person to “vent”.


How many times have you asked for a straight ANSWER on something – and you got the “I’ll call you back” roundabout?

I dont know why, but it’s these marketing types that do it the most, and those are the type I studiously avoid.

I even tell them if they want a prompt response, email me.

If you can’t say it in writing, friend, don’t say it at all.

Vast majority of cases, unless it’s Gorilla Girl and Rahul, or some of the many others, hehe, “in person” doesn’t necessarily work better for business either.

Dont get me wrong, at a certain point, you HAVE to meet in person – and talk – but right off the bat, I’ve found that business wise, at least for what I do, there are really not many things at all that cannot be done via email – or text if absolute “need might be” – or voice recordings or what not.

Amazing how people stay stuck to technology all damn day, watching the most stupid videos ever “auto pilot “- staying stuck to the dumbphone – yet, when that same dumbphone offers a way of communication WELL, they “call”.

Might as well use the ole Brick Nokias there, hehe, and even there … I RARELY if ever actually “got on the phone”.

I dont know, this time it’s just some guy that i’m doing business with, that same dude I’ve been pestering for a straight answer on something – I’ve no doubt his “SIr I’ll call you at 2 or whatever time he calls” – has got nothing at all to do with what I asked, but his attempts at “marketing to me” – but producing ZERO results.

I’ve told him often, dude, it’s fine to market till the cows come home, but BACK your shit up.

As of late, he hasn’t.

Though he’s got a long rope since he’s delivered a lot of times before …

More to the point, marketing and the same ole spiel to the “Sultan of Marketing” as I’ve been called (a certain “Sam” – I won’t get into where he’s from, but thats what he recently called me!) … well, you might as well try and jump from a parachute with no safety harness and see how that works out.

Speaking of which, odd trivia.

Apparently the human body has 66 miles of blood vessels, and apparently the “min” weight needed to drop from a parachute is 35 kgs.

I dont know why I brought that up?

But it’s more inane marketing done by my VPN company (first case) – and the second, well, so said the “wife” – so what can I say, eh. or so I THINK she said, I dont know …

There’s not much conversation there either, not on the phone, not message, nothing.

Anyway …….. I’ve written about phone calls and why I hate the phone before so I will end this one here, but here’s the thing

Yours truly markets like no-one’s business, and gets results too.

His PRODUCTS back up his marketing too – truly the best and toughest out there.

Those of you that have not yet started celebrating your Merry Christmas shopping (wow, did I just say it that way, LOL) … do so NOW.

I mean really, I KNOW a lot of you – including you reading this email – just want some of these products, so just up and “lighten that load on your wallet”, and – just up and GET IT, my friend.

Sometimes, you gotta do something for yourself, and theres no better feeling than picking up a digital or paperback or hardcover copy of one of our superb fitness books…

You know it, I know it.

That feeling when “YAY!” – I got “something for myself!” – NOW!

Stop putting the MOMENT off, friend. 

Get you some NOW. GET those products you’ve been meaning to get , but haven’t. Do so now.

Carpe Diem! (I could google what it means, since it slipped my mind, but it seems apt here? I dont know why, I’ll google it later, or perhaps that famous elephant like memory of mine to the rescue) …

Oh, the phone, I told the dude about how in China often times I start my “beer drinking” at 2 PM in the afternoon.

After my Eat More Weigh Less workouts on the HILL!

In Blazing heat and humidity – back to 24/7 A/c at 16 …

A quiet apartment, lovely garden outdoors, gals, well, I wont even go there …

Utter peace and serenity, sometimes, you cannot wait until military time i.e. 4 PM to crack open a cold one!

Life’s good!

And it’s even better when you’re on my fitness routines, friend.

Start TODAY. Seize the moment – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Just googled (I had to take a leak before hitting “send”, you know how it is sometimes) – and well – so APT! I know my subconscious mind never fails me, hehe.

PS #2 – If you’re wondering where to start (with regard to our products) – well – it is always, as I’ve said 0 Excuses Fitness – Followed by Gorilla Grip – and Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

After that, you’ll be blazing your own path most likely.

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