- Just another category - I - cannot - bloody stand!!!

On that very long list of people that Mr Cranky cannot stand?

Tyre kickers, Bozos, price shoppers, wankers, sissies, faggots, idiots, and so forth … (if you thought “people like Glyn Schofield in Brum”, you got it) … well, there is ANOTHER category I have not quite expounded on in the past.

That being, drama queens.

And this category is another one that has increased dramatically in the so called modern day – and KIDS funnily enough – molly coddled BRATS as most have turned out to be – are equally culpable here.

When I say kids, I mean kids old enough to think ie around the age of 7 or above, maybe 8.

I mean, try teaching a kid any useful skill these days other than maybe staring at the dumbphone, and oh my, the DRAMA!

The younger the kids are, the less the drama I’ve found – as was the case when I taught my daughter handstand pushups (hence her shoulders at the age of 8 – as broad as her mom’s!).

But the older the kids get, the more the drama – and the more the coddling.

Kids these days, I dont know -just try and teach them to ride a BIKE for instance.

Chances are excellent and second to none it won’t be the “learn via scraping” you and I did when we were young.

Or, a cuff to the ear if we complained too much!

These days, the polar opposite.

Same thing with a lot of situations these days – and one main reason I do not – do NOT – do “teaching English in China” i.e. be a dancing monkey – if there ever was a profession which lends itself to the most massive number of “belly aching tyre kicking BOZO like cry babies” – it is this “so called profession” (which in reality is a gigantic sham, I’ve explained it before).

I mean, really.

Sometimes, you gotta just tough it out when learning – or you’ll never learn.

When learning how to swim, you HAVE To be willing to gulp water at the beginning.

Same thing when learning how to drive a vehicle – bike – anything. You just HAVE to be willing to eat humble pie and then go from there!

Same thing for martial arts, sports, fitness, anything.

You HAVE to be willing to take the hard falls – else youll never ever learn anything, my friend.

Thats why I cannot stand the drama queens who lecture YOU on how to teach them – regardless of age, skills , or experience, and I have to say – my own daughter has been guilty of this every once so often (or more, sometimes).

I have to keep correcting her.

Of course, then you have the bevy of adults more than happy to pamper when the exact opposite is needed.

Makes me think back to “our times”. Hehe.

How times have changed, eh – we couldn’t hardly “speak back” to our parents or what not.

Make no mistake, there’s a huge line between abuse, being too strict – and the above.

and I’d NEVER cross that line.

Yet, sometimes, just sometimes, “tough love” is what is required, and what saves the day ultimately – and TOUGHENS you up for LIFE.

Enough said, I guess, I dont know…

And thats the spirit in which I teach you everything I do.

0 Excuses Fitness, and the videos are no exception.

I teach you.

I go slow.

I be patient.

But … I don’t HAND HOLD, molly coddle, or none of that, and nowhere in there will you find me shedding tears about “how tough the workouts are for you” – or “how you cannot keep up with me when you first start”.

Thats how it is, friend…

OK, enough said.

But thats why I can’t stand the above lot.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – More on this?

Idiots that when you tell them to go straight, will “lecture you on something else”.

Bozos when you tell them HOW to do something, and then DO IT – don’t do it, and do something “because they thought it was right”.

And then of course, the associated drama.

And then they throw a fit when they “can’t learn”. Ugh.