My world famous squiggly signature
- And more...

For the dickens of a time, I … well, two things.

One, I could never figure out why a lot of people – family included always had an “issue” with my signature.

My REAL signature.

True, it’s not exactly the prettiest, it ain’t exactly the easiest to read either.

I still remember my wife for years trying to get me to CHANGE it. Apparently the way I “cross my own name out” is not right, the way I scrawl is not right (my cursive has never been great, though I try these days! Hehe) … and apparently I broke a whole bunch of other rules.

As did Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, and a lot of the rest!


Look at Trumps signature for one, it makes mine look positively “pretty”.

You can barely TELL what it is, let alone identify it as a signature, but thats how mine is too!

And – on this site, and my others?

I’ve always used a pretty little “online signature” I created using one of these online tools where you type your name in, and it creates a signature for you.

Its worked great for me.

Not that it matters either way – the products are what count.

But, I dont know …

This morning, I felt the urge to CHANGE it after being told again my signature was “sooooo funny”.

And looking at what I’ve used thus far?

Well, it looks great – real – but there is THAT touch missing, and it has been for years!

Again, not that it’s mattered – but those of you that have noticed (most haven’t most likely) the difference between the autograph on Fast and Furious Fitness, for one, and the difference on the sales page – well – the FORMER is the real one!

(we still have a copy lying around for Fast and Furious Fitness, so if you want an autographed copy, hit the ORDER button now – and then shoot me an email telling me you want it autographed – shall be done at NO extra cost!)

(but hurry – only ONE COPY remaining – in pristine condition – and it’s MINE – so it’s special – and no, as I said before, NO MORE REPRINTS!)

But today, I’m in the process of updating the pages for all my products with my REAL squiggly, hehe.

Nah, not the squiggly Bozo Glyn thinks of all day …

But, I dont know, it just seems even more real … and Pushup Central was the first page I chose to update my signature.

It may change to my trademark “blue” later, I dont know, but I didnt have a blue felt pen lying around, and I didnt feel like mucking around with online again, changing font colors and what not.

So there it is, yours truly, ready to join the pantheons of the great, as if I wasn’t already there- the most humble of ’em all – not. Hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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