What do people need the MOST these days?
- Motivation - and more of it!

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​Ask me this question normally – and most of the time, and I’ll respond with the following –

Less Molly coddling, more DOING, less TALKING, more listening – and most of all, a kick up the wazoo to do MORE – not LESS (in other words, the precise and polar opposite of what most people tell you these days (and this has been going for years) about “move at your own pace!” – and “do what feels good!”) and other such assorted rubbish. 

And, to add that – a healthy dose of motivation to top it all off to keep you feeling ENTHUSED! (to do more)

That last bit is what people need MORE than anything else THESE days, my friend. 

With all the negativity and hilarious nonsense (Omnicron being another one of those “bang on target as soon as Xmas starts, so do the lockdowns again” idiotic panic mongering ploys) going on, with all the brainwashing, with the young of this world literally been turned into dumbphone gazing sheep (ever notice how schools have stayed permanently shut for almost 2 years in certain parts of the world??) and so forth, THAT is what people need more than anything else – along with a dose of REALITY daily – multiple times a day practically. 

My emails do a fine job of that, of course!

But if I had to name three books which are “flying under the radar” in that regard – and do the trick ? 

10 Commandments of Successful Sales – you might think this book is “only to make sales”, but read the tips, how I did things, how I worked and continue to work my magic, and you won’t just make money (in any economy – and loads of it) – but you’ll feel ENTHUSED TOO!

Zero to Hero – 25 ACTIONABLE, practical tips to turn your life around from “zero” to hero (me – thats a real life quote!) – or “stuck” to “full speed ahead!” – or “bored and depressed” to happy, vibrant and alive – and so forth. 

Only thing is, it doesn’t have any shamanic nonsense in it. 

I’ve gone somewhat easy on the visualization and spiritual part here too – so this book is solid ACTION Oriented tips for the DOERS – to DO – and improve! 

And last, of course, Gumption Galore – an evergreen collection of life tips that along with my Fitness Central books – and my Fitness Pioneer books should be EVERY reading shelf to be honest – or right by your bedside – whichever the case might be (or both). 

(I gotta get going on more volumes of the last two, lots of people have shown interest in them!) 

Anyway … 

The latest offer is modeled keeping in mind all the above – for you, as always. 



Since what people need more than anything during these times is motivation – well, we are – and will – do our best to GIVE it to you! 

Our daily emails do a fine, fine job of that – and NOW, I’ve made it one step easier. 

Use discount code MOTIVATIONAL to obtain a per product discount of 15% when you order our three great motivational reads – 

10 Commandments of Successful Sales , Zero to Hero! and Gumption Galore! 

(Offer applicable on this particular combo only, valid until Dec 17, 2021) 


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And even if you aren’t looking for motivation specifically, you will, as some of my great, great customers have said in the past “enjoy reading them even if you aren’t looking for more benefit from them” (but you’ll benefit too anyway!).

P.S #2 – Also, and remember – that offer I’ve been asking you about – the one where YOU get to choose which one it is. Write back , tell me what YOU Want – if enough of you want it, and it’s viable, you’ll see it up shortly!

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