Why Tiger Shroff – or Prabhas – whoever it is – replacing Stallone in Rambo might turn out to be another Stallone “masterplan”
- It just might - the man is a genius!

I’m sure Sly thought long and hard before they permitted the Indian remake of “Rambo”.

Lots of reviews came in for Sly’s last Rambo or what “might” be the last i.e. “Last Blood” – which was visceral to say the least – with story “thrown in” for good measure it seemed. Hehe.

It was gore x 1000 – only Sly kept it from becoming another “slasher” movie in my opinion.

Yet, it was REAL.

And despite all the -ve reviews it got, despite all the guys that said “we dont want to be associated with it – despite even Sly, who years after Rambo III said he wasn’t that proud of the movie – Sly in my opinion got it right.

He’s simply mirroring the mood of the world!

And he’s doing it Rambo style.

Now, the remake.

Perhaps they wanted to find a younger Stallone or what not – and I’ve always said, regardless of my own opinion on Tiger Shroff (and I’ve nothing against him – guy’s apparently a martial artist, and in great shape – NOT my favorite though – I’d rather his Dad Jackie – Tiger’s movies, I dont know, the action just seems UNNATURAL – but these days, CGI and speed etc makes a lot of it seem unnatural, and to be honest, if you’re an experienced shooter etc – lot of the crap in movies seeems unnatural from that angle anyway – especially the way they show blood on a body after it’s being shot) – he – or anyone else – should NOT be replacing Stallone in the iconic series.

Sly is one of a kind.

There is only ONE Rambo – for me at least.

I’m sure there are many others that feel that way!

But Sly I’m sure thought long and hard about it!

I’ve no idea who will ultimately do the movie. Rumors are “Tiger” might be replaced by a South Indian actor “Prabhas”.

The posters for the movie show Tiger looking pretty similar to what Stallone looked like in Rambo III – right down to the veiny pecs which I’m sure we all remember. Hehe.

An unnatural look – Sly has said it himself!

And Tiger, I dont know – while he might – is, actually, a martial artist – I think he’s mixed up in a lot of bodybuilding as well.

I dont know, something about that look is unnatural – the LEGS are what strike me first, the thighs are the biggest part of the body for any truly fit person, but Tiger just looks bodybuilder style “lopsided – the “pelican look”.

I dont blame him if his movies require that, and he’s – again – a martial artist, so hats off to him on that one.

But that look, for me, I’d rather another top grade martial artist Akshay Kumar back in the day – now one look at him back in the day, and I’ve written about it before – you KNOW he was naturally fit!!!

Or, followed techniques to get him there – before I guess his movies demanded the other sort of look.

Which hey. I get it!

Thats what a lot of people want.

But anyway, if Rambo remade in India does go through, and if its a typical Tiger movie, with all the made up action and such and martial arts, ultimately, people will only hanker for the old Rambo.

Sly probably knows this – And the entire Rambo franchise is just “real man killing” – and is shown that way.

You do not employ martial arts in war – today’s wars, at least!

You fight to kill – not to win.

Bottom line.

(both are the same thing in war, yes, but the “how to fight” – world of difference!).

(ie flying kicks and such look great, but in real world fighting, aren’t really that effective – especially not against other trained fighters in other styles, guns, knives, etc)…

Anyway ………

That might just be a Sly masterplan. Who knows!

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And if it’s gotta be big?

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You know what I mean!

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Rahul Mookerjee