0 Excuses Fan from Spain!
- Who is he?

Who is he – or she?

We – I dont know as yet!

What I DO know though is this – he has bought ALL the books I’ve got out there in Spanish with the possible exception of Aggare Gorila (Gorilla Grip – ADVANCED!) (although he might have bought this by now!) . . .

. . . He seems to be one of the guys whose made it a goal to own ALL the books I’ve currently written, much like John Walker in the UK (who is a good way there as well!) and a few other great customers!

Now, this is GREAT.

And I must confess I had not been checking the sales for the language translations in a while, given I’ve been so damn busy doing the sales, updating the offers etc for the English versions HERE (which will always be a priority – if just for the fact that English is my own “first” language as it were) – but this morning, I received notification of royalties from a few sources – completely unexpected, so great news on that front!

I checked the Spanish translations for my fitness books – and bang – there it was.

(The royalties were for some other books too not sold here)

Hes bought all the books I’ve gotten done in Spanish -and rest assured, everything offered here in English will be (eventually) offered up not just in Spanish – but Portugese, Italian and other European languages too.

This sort of thing makes me so happy!

My own goal of being the “Amazon of fitness” – well – we’re attacking that one from all angles, and the results are SHOWING.

(I want to be the Amazon of certain other “niches” as well- we will see how it all goes!)

But anyway, stay tuned for more Spanish language versions of the books – and if YOU, the mystery Spanish reader is reading this – DO leave a review – if only in Spanish!

(not to mention let me know WHO you are, I’ve got a special gift prepared – just for YOU!).

All works for us …

And if YOU on this LIST have not left a review as yet, my friend, do so NOW.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and genuine readers/buyers have everything to gain too – so why not do it NOW? It won’t take more than a couple of minutes of your time, that I do promise!

And that’s the “short and sweet update” for today. Remember the rewards we’ve got going on, friend, and take action now. No better Christmas gift to give than one from 0 Excuses “The Stella Artois of” Fitness!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – ONE copy remaining for the Collector’s Edition of Fast and Furious Fitness, a copy I was never going to give out, but am now. Will YOU be the one to get it? Remember, I’ll even autograph it for free if you ASK!