That lovely eye I have for GIRLS…
- And in general!

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“You’re very observant, Rahul!”

That I am. Always have been.

My friend from the MArines made that comment when I noticed the “breadth of his shoulders”, but more importantly the DEEP chest – from the TOPS of the PECS – the REAL sign of chest strength, not the nonensical bench press building the “look” …

“You must be swimming a lot!”

This was of course, the second day I knew him – the first day was the handshake, and the “unnatural grip” comment!

Truly, we sized each other up at FIRST glance, yours truly way more so than him.

I’ve always been that way!

Carol, y’all know her eh. Hehe.

Of course!

On the highway, I remember discussing with her once about how Chinese girls – some of them – do not shave – anywhere, if you get my drift. Even the underarms, arms, legs, and “down there” too.

To each his or her own, I suppose!

“Because it’s natural!” they’d often tell me when I quizzed them. Hehe. 

Personally, I’d rather the opposite (ie for girls – NOT for men, which seems to be the case these days) -Glyn Bozo though apparently prefers the hairier women – and men. Ugh.

But not all girls are like that, even in China, as a certain Annie – and Carol herself told me.

Girls should look good, smell good, and FEEL good!” 

So true, Carol!

And when I told “Annie” women should be clean shaven in general, she agreed.

“Girls should be!”

My wife once made the comment about a former boss (I took her in for a job at the office – more like a “friendly interview) … “looking at her through his glasses”.

Apparently he gave her the once over, although Is aid he didnt.

“He watches all through his glasses”, she complained.

Like it matters, And I doubt he did anyway.

(no pleasing women, you watch them, they dont like it, you dont, they complain. Hehe).

Quite unlike me.

A lot of men check women out furtively.

For me, I just do it openly. Hehe.

The X ray glance, as it is called – but done RIGHT.

Therefore, the brickbats Glyn Bozo gets (he does the same) – and the utter, complete lack of them for me.

IT’s HOW you do something, not what you say or do so much as HOW, the vibe.

Women know I respect REAL women (not the Nazi feminists, but REAL WOMEN!).

Anyway ….

This maid my wife once hired.

Now, Rahul Mookerjee and maids are like oil and water.

They do – or at least yours truly does – ALL he can to stay the HELL Away from them.

I dont know, I just dont like having gaggles of maids around me!

(not to mention Glyn. UGH!).

(he loves cleaning my apartment apparently, thankfully I never gave him a chance Ugh, just ugh. I’d rather the bodacious “Ginne” I once agreed – she wanted money so she did it, but Id rather do other things for her, she cleans up pretty good hehe – but thats another tale! Her cleaning was shitty tho, like I care. Hehe again).

But anyway ………

This one lady my wife hired, I just liked her.

I Dont know why.

Older lady – grey haired and so forth.

I liked her from the minute I saw her.

Professional lady!

Did her job, didnt BS about, didnt show up early or late – showed up ON TIME – and so forth.

And as my wife (apparently) and her were talking getting panix-ated (ugh) – and my wife giving her tons of tips on eating or what not (apparently panixation kills the body – which she’s right, I told her that! – but according to the wife, proper diet nullifies the effects which I Dont quite agree with!!) …

The wife asked her about “where she  works, cleans, etc”.

I knew it, of course.

She worked at a house opposite from where we were at that point.

And …

“I also give massages!”

(for one hour apparently,which is somewhat less than the two hours I get in China, but still!)

Now, I know this!

the FIRST thing I told my wife about when she asked me about how I “allowed” or could “stand” this lady was this.

“Her back is straight, waist STRONG”.

Basically, she used to work labor as well before.

And I could tell by looking at her – this is a woman used to hard, hard physical labor!

Much like Susan in China who is well known for lifting up fire extinguishers by the SCRUFF of the neck and bashing Bozo skulls in.

(quite true).

(ask a certain MJ, hehe).

But THAT is why I liked her, most of all, that ERECT posture!

No slouching, no NONSENSE – despite her AGE.

And does a good job, professional as well.

Sometimes, you can just feel it.

Anyway, w/Carol one day I noticed a girl on the highway – in a toll booth.

The hairs on her arms were SPARSE, but there.

I dont know why I felt compelled to point this out to MAdam, but I did.

She giggled in that cute way women sometimes employ, the smart ones.

And gave me the once over, a knowing look, and then that “X ray” look WOMEN give each other!

Then, she turned to me and giggled again, and said the following loudly, in full earshot of the other girl.

“You’ve got a good eye for girls!”

I grinned, and nodded. Hehe.

Anyway, what does all this have to do with you. Hehe. Other than tiltiliate, you might ask…

And, other than tell you about my good “eye for girls:”?

Well, this, and I’ve said it before.

The Stella Artois of Bodyweight Fitness Culture – – yours truly – – KNOWS.

I can tell what kinda person you are by just talking to you.

I can tell by LOOKING at you if you’ve been in involved in any physical activity – and if so, what.

I might not be able to pin point WHAT exactly, but I’ll give you a pretty good account.

I am also the best, bar none, person qualified, and HOW! – to teach you how to lose weight – build shoulders like boulders – and everything real men want in terms of fitness – and also to BE a real man if you so choose to.

That ain’t even “just marketing”.

It’s all very true, friend.

And real men workout like real men, not the sissy boys at the Gym and Glyn Bozos preening away in the back mirror or what not (apparently Glyn’s now joined the “it’s ok to be outed as a faggot” crowd. “BE YOU!!!!!!”- UGH!) …

If you want to learn how, go HERE.

And that, friend is that.

Back to regale YOU shortly!


Rahul Mookerjee

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