Netflix Vs Fitness
- Sorry, but if you gotta make that choice, you're an utter FOOL, my friend.

I’ve been watching a movie in which the lead “detective” calls himself a “fool”. Hehe.

He believes one of the female leads is responsible, but that moment where he literally slaps himself upside the head after a rather comical “martial arts fight” – and says “you fool!” to himself – well, it made me remember Gorilla Girl Sophia calling cuckolds “you FOOL!” left right and center. Hehe.

ANd profiting big time from it.

Just ask a certain salivating Glyn.

Anyway, (she won’t let Glyn get close with a barge pole, so thats out) …

Back in the day, when I was a skinny runt – I remember being hooked on to WWE (Which I was for years, especially during the Attitude Era) – and my Dad once telling me in an offhand sort of manner when I interrupted the cricket (yet again) because “Star Sports” was showing WWE three weeks delayed while live cricket was being telecast on India national TV on the only TV in the house then in the bedroom (their bedroom) …

“If you RUN for 15 minutes a day, you’ll look more like them”, he once told me.

Now, that was fairly decent advice.

I might not have turned into a steriod freak by doing that, but I’d definitely improve my overall fitness!

Definitely better than the “lift pink dumbells for reps” advice he gave me once – but problem was, I had no-one to EMULATE.

Thats how it is with kids, friend.

You can talk until the cows come home, but unless you DO in front of, and WITH THEM (aka Kiddie Fitness) ain’t nothing gonna happen, the polar opposite most likely.

Anyway, that was before WWE was banned for me “because I was getting too violent at school” (when I put the Gorilla Grip on a guy 5x my size for one).

I know, I know.

I’ve talked about that enough, how NOT fair it was, and so forth, downright ridiculous actually, you defend yourself, you get called out, you get stronger than someone, you get called out – like, can’t win for losing???

(I still hid and watched WWE anyway, and practiced my sprints to my own bedroom as soon as the parents returned from their own walk, so they wouldn’t know I was watching – much like the sprints from “cigarette’s ville” verandah to my bedroom – hehe).

Anyway, point of all these recollections?

Well, it’s none of the above at all. Nothing to do with me, Dad, or anything like that …

Its to do with – well, what happened YESTERDAY.

A certain Mr “M” (I dont want to reveal his name here just as yet)’s 0 Excuses Fitness Ship membership expired.

And a day or so later, although I never bother normally – in his case I did, because he’s been a member for a year, I thought I’d do the “nice thing” and ask him what was up, give him a few days leeway, etc.

His response, of course was so typical – and is why I never bother chasing people for this sort of thing anyway.

Long story short, apparently “netflix had to be paid, you know…”



I do know!

The choices some people make.

This dude is likely still on the list (I ain’t checked unsubscribe as yet) – – so he’s probably reading this …

I doubt I’ll ever get a response to what I replied though. (Although, no doubt his “rationalization hamster” is working overtime trying to figure out how to justify it without looking like, well, a fool…amazing, the efforts people will put in to justify BS!)

Now before people start jumping to conclusions, a few things.

First off, it’s YOUR money, friend.

I ain’t gonna stick my nose in – or out – and tell YOU how to spend your money.

It’s your own business.

Just as it’s your own business if you decide that it’s far more important to pay NetFlix which turns you into more of a Boob Tube Addict and kills your imagination, does NOTHING to improve your life in any real regard, and so forth- then to renew the Ship membership with potentially – nay – ACTUAL – life changing ADVICE, tips – not to mention free forever access to the best fitness products out there … the forum, and everything else mentioned on the Ship page …

(Paradoxically, the Ship will get you in the shape you WANT to be in, sort of like movie star shape – that escapsim is what drives most to Netflix anyway, and yet…!)

(Hence, I suppose those above flashbacks haha)

Yes, it’s your own business.

And I aint gonna hanker after you if thats your decision.

It’s these people that complain the most about prices.

And it both amazes and annoys me, because …

I mean, just how can someone complain about price – yet be perfectly happy prioritizing $500/MONTH or what not for NetFlix while bitching about $1100 odd YEARLY for the Ship is beyond me, completely and utterly beyond me.

And of course, the Bozos who “never have money for anything important” – yet, always have it – albeit borrowed or stolen – for something NOT important.

Picture Glyn Bozo for this one.

Never has money when he goes out, you always end up paying.

He’s always borrowing money from Chuck or scamming women (or trying to) – the old and fat and gullible ones …

And he spends that money – how?

On sticking his nose in prostitute’s asses for 2000 yuan a “pop” (I dont know if Glyn actually has “popping ability” if you get my drift).

Or, a friend of mine Dwayne – who loaned money to a buddy once and that buddy keeps buying the latest guns and such, and never returns the cash he borrowed.

Nothing against gun ownership there!

But really, living on borrowed money, yet, spending it like it’s own, NOT prioritizing returns which he should be … I dont get it.

Neither do I blame Dwayne for his policy these days of loaning money to NOBODY, period.

Anyway, where am I leading up to with all this.

I dont know, these wankers that keep squawking about price just annoy the ever living Bejesus out of me.

Mr “M” wasn’t always this way, so we’ll give him a bit of a long rope on this one – unfortunately, I’ve got a feeling its an exercise in futility.

The things yours truly “nice guy” does.

But really, I try and help people out on all this, the sales, all of it – but when some idiot complains about “netflix is important, you know!!” and won’t fulfil other obligations (or in his case, make every excuse in the book to get out of it) – well, thats where I draw the line.

Alright, my friend, thats off my chest.

But really, the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship is UNPARALLELED value, and if you ain’t signed up as yet, you owe it to yourself to do so NOW.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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