When you pass…
- An interesting take on this!

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I’ve been doing some thinking today.

I do it all the time, seated in my favorite, patented, Rahul Mookerjee isometric position.

My friend, the benefits of this position extend far, far beyond the MANIFOLD obvious physical.

They extend into the spiritual in ways you never thought possible, much like another great isometric I’ve included in the book (a variant on the Hindu pushup).

If there is ONE book that you must get now from me, even if you never buy anything else in your whole life fitness wise, it is Isometric and Flexibility Training; truly (like Pushup Central and most of my other courses) – NO other course like this out there – truly worth its weight in gold, spades, what have you …

(Truly, this course will make an ACE out of you – period).

As the world around us “goes to hell”  or continues on in its merry way, depending on how YOU look at it … this is a sage question indeed.

I gotta ask you this too.

“When you pass, will you have any regrets looking back- or no?”

Its a question nigh – almost – nobody answers honestly.

Because in the vast majority of cases, what people want – and what they DO- and therefore, the results they get in their own lives – are at odds with each other.

At complete odds with each other.

I was thinking about when people pass on, the age I was when my grandfather passed, and certain other things, and mentally, I posed this question to certain people.

“But can you be satisfied you’ve done all you wanted to do?”

Or TRIED it, at any rate?

When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was quizzed on the risk he took with Amazon (admittedly that was a different time, admittedly things were GROWING then, but still – massive risk!) – he had this to say.

“Looking back, when I’m 80, if there is one thing I’d regret NOT doing – it’s not trying (if I didnt”.

I dont know if he worded it that way.

But that was the gist.

When people Tom Tom their social status, so called successes etc – usually the same fools, Bozos and idiots who tell others how to live their own lives – I ask them this.

“How many times have you FAILED”.

The answer to this one question tells you a LOT, my friend.

You may have all the status, money, 10,000 Rolex Watches or cars in the world – but in order to truly succeed at what you truly WANT – big – even once – youve gotta have failed numerous times before.

Thats just how it works.

Me, personally – I’ve always done what I wanted.

Despite the huge risks, despite the falls I took, despite the MANY TIMES I failed – I’ve never stopped doing what I truly WANT.

Most people are content to live lives of mediocrity – I’ve never been that way.

Consciously or not, I’ve always thought along the same lines as Bezos.

“When I pass, will it be with a sense of having done all I could – and wanted to?”

I dont know, thats a question I believe we should all ask ourselves periodically, not because of the ultimate fear or not of “passing” – or whatever someone may call it – or the search for the eternal elixir (that seems to be the next big thing) – but its a question the idiot self help gurus RARELY ask you.

When they should be, because it all leads up from there…

Look BACKWARD – i.e where you are/will be years down the line.

Its also called visualization, goal setting, and so forth.

The doers do it all the time…

Anyway, many people have expressed a desire to live their own lives in a way I do – carefree – with plenty of women around if you so choose – freedom to live my own way, set my own schedules, workout when I want, drink beer when I want, and basically stay in my castle and do exactly as I please, when I please.

It’s not that hard to do, really, once you get past the social BS and cast of the limiting reins of “what is safe to do” and “what other people do” and of course, “what the idiots and morons that have never done squat all in their own lives want you to do”.

And, I teach you more in my  motivational books – Gumption Galore – and Zero to Hero!

There’s even a special offer we have going on for these – and the 10 Commandments of Successful sales, my friend – which isn’t just about making money if you look past the words and think about the meaning of what I’ve written.

My fitness books too, ultimately, it’s all about living the sort of life YOU want to live, and giving you the tools and education you need to get there.

Ultimately, isnt that why we’re all here on planet Earth – to live our lives the way WE want and see fit?

I think not even the biggest Bozo with his head up God knows which “hooker’s” rear end would deny the truism of this one . . .

Anyway, seize the day, my friend.

If you want to do something, make a start NOW.

Same thing with my fitness books and products

Lots of you are just “doing nothing” upon reading these emails.

And I’m not going to stop asking you why, because it’s my job to ask you why.

No, the usual excuses don’t fly.

So, here’s the nub – either you take action, or you dont.

And we’ve got some GREAT deals going on for Christmas, but you gotta rush to get ’em, my friend.

Like I said yesterday, I ain’t exactly the sort to hanker on about this sort of thing either…

Anyway – thats it for now.

Back soon!

But consider the above…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Saying “no, just…” doesn’t cut it either. Get back to me with real, honest and GENUINE Reasons, my friend.

PS #2 – We’ll soon be updating the “Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness” page with yet another pre-sales offer – this one for the book plus the VIDEOS! Stay tuned on this one, promises to be GREAT.

(and if you ain’t placed a pre-order on this one as yet, do so NOW).

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