Another great offer!
- I CHALLENGE you to beat this, friend.

Short and sweet this one, friend..

And you’d be nuts NOT to take me up on this offer as yet.

This offer is not on the rewards page as yet, but WILL be very shortly!

I want to tell YOU FIRST though – my friend! So I am …

For a limited time, likely no longer than a week or so, if you REVIEW – I repeat, REVIEW (if you bought off here – then the link you get in your email with the purchase; if on Amazon etc, then there) Animal Kingdom Workouts —  OR Eat More Weigh Less​ – – EITHER ONE – then Ill throw in a 40% discount code for the other one.

This discount is by far the heftiest I’ve offered – but it’s only for DOERS, my friend.

And the proof is in the pudding ie. you have to leave a real review in order for you to get the code.

It does not have to be 5 star – or any star – though 5 star is warranted and is great!

What I want, as always, is flat out HONEST – THAT is what I care about, period.

Additionally, you’ll also get the standard 10% discount code to use on other products once you submit the review. So thats > 40% – an offer that CANNOT BE BEAT.

I’ll be updating the page (rewards HERE – shortly. But you get first dip, my friend – as yet another thank you for being on this great list!

This offer is applicable even if you’ve bought in the past but have not left a review (if you leave one NOW).

And if you’re already a PROUD owner of BOTH THE COURSES – then email me back and I’ll do up the discount for Level three i.e. the pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness ( … currently at 20 odd, but if you step up to the plate and prove you’re a doer, you’ll get REWARDED!

Take action NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My friend just asked me “STILL working out, Rahul!” as he saw me in the park (two hours after he first saw me).

YES – because that is called DEDICATION!

And inspiration, too … 16 Inspirational fitness recollections (

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