Does this even make any SENSE?
- I swear, the way people act these days ...

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People these days, I dont know – some pass off the lunacy as “crazy world we live in”.

I’m slightly less – “complimentary”.

I call it utter insanity, and people themselves lining up to get whatever brains they had left post dumbphone era (Graham Bell must be really turning over in his grave, little did dude know what his invention would be morphed into down the line!) “disappeared” for lack of a better term?

Picture this, or think about this, which are both one and the same thing.

A guy thats wanting to do pull-ups – says he’s soooooooo interested the first day, then loses any and all interest the next, and then days later complains about fitness, not being able to do ’em, and so forth, and instead starts noticing “other people’s fitness” instead of his own.

Loony enough for me, but that isn’t the whole of it.

This dude had covid – apparently.

He’s hale and hearty now.

I asked him how “bad” it was.

“Oh, nothing!” 

The way he said it – you’d think he was swatting a fly away.

He’s right.

This whole thing is a H-O-A-X – and I’ve gone hoarse saying it. Yes, some people have died it, but the bottom line is this – it was all set up to enslave and get rid of people as a whole, and given just how batty people have become after just two years of it – remember, we have three more years of it left – I’d say theyve achieved their goal and then some, and they ain’t even started.

Then he said the following.

“So, I didnt move a muscle for four months”. Or something to that effect.

“But now I’m fine” (while he was on the way to buy some sort of medication for something, before I could ask for what, he was off to the dumbphone and even dumber VIDEOS – perennial partner).

“in crime” . Hehe.

I mean, it’s nothing, yet you do nothing for four months, am I the only one who thinks it’s insane – I’d say no, but it sure feels that way!

Then you have the “soooooooooooooooooooo busy” people (always on the dumbphone watching inane videos, and the minute it’s something money related for THEM, they reply, otherwise dragging wild horses to the party might be easier) – and the polar opposite, idiots that badger you up and down to get on the phone so they can spend hours wanking and talk about nothing but themselves, and claim “its a real relationship”.

No int he middle.

And when the overly busy lot get food caught in their throat, when they can’t step away from the dumbphone even for lunch, when you ask them mildly about it, they reply with “I can’t talk, but my food is stuck in my throat!” …

When these same people complain about “why do people call all the time at lunch”, yet cannot themselves step away for the phone for a minute or so.

I have never understood what work is so important it cannot wait at all.

Reminds me of Uncle Bob job hunting once.

He was on the throne when a “sooooooooooo urgent requirement” recruiter called him.

His wife (at the time) said he was on the throne, to call back, recruiter said NO, it has to be done NOWWWWWWWW.

Needless to say, that went nowhere.

“If I need a job that bad…” he later confided in me. 

Prime reason why I keep saying the older people are the only ones with any sense left, and why I’ve always interacted / associated with folks much older than me in any regard, right from the time I was young.

Back to the lunch deal.

Apparently “everyone is working from home and eating lunch late now”.

So why do they all call then?

I mean, really, do you see even a sliver of SENSE in what is going on?

Just utter lunacy, and all this hoo haa you keep hearing about astronomy, the latest rituals supposed to turn your life around and such, well, I got one question – where was all this when “times were easy and the cash flowed”?

People done forgot all about all that then.

Seems “God” for some people is only a fair weather friend (or they are that for “God”).

I give up, my friend.

But, it’s great for a few laughs, and to talk to you about. Hehe.

Back to the SANE world – I’ve just updated the rewards page with that GREAT OFFER I spoke about.

GO HERE to check it out NOW.

And take action, friend, this will go VERY SOON.


Rahul Mookerjee

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