Walking by itself won’t build world class levels of strength, muscle and POWER.
- Might sound contradictory, but there it is.

Given the many benefits of walking, almost too many to list out on a A 4 sheet of paper, or several – given I keep talking bout them myself, and given I teach you the RIGHT way to walk and REALLY benefit from this amazing practice that should be normal and a daily routine/practice for all regardless of how much other physical activity you do or dont (and no, the walk to the throne in the morning don’t count) … this might come across as somewhat contradictory.

But if youve seen the legions of folk who “swear by going for a walk” and do several rounds daily for an hour in the park or what not, yet years later they’re NO closer to either losing the Buddha Belly – or getting rid of the saggy man tits or what not – and certainly NOWHERE near closer to doing one single pushup or pull-up – or anything of that nature, then you’ll sort of understand where I’m coming from.

But dont get me wrong, of course.

Walking is GREAT – period.

It truly is.

It helps you lose weight, burn fat, lowers your blood pressure, improves your digestion, overall mood and well being, walking a 100 steps after dinner has been shown to not just improve digestion but life span too – and thats not even getting into the many MENTAL benefits of it, which sometimes far outweigh the physical.

Indeed, for me, walking is something I do everyday – and encourage you to do too, but NOT just for the physical benefits – more for the mental I’d say – even if all you do is a one hour stroll without the dumbphone in the greenery of the garden – trust me, it’s so worth it.

Of course, do it power walking style – it becomes a great calf builder.

Do it uphill and long enough, you’ll literally get into the best shape of your life. Period.

SO I’m hardly someone that will wax negative about walking in ANY Regard.

But, two things walking “falls short of”.

The first – well, it’s most people that fall short actually.

People dont walk the right way, period – and while you might think “it’s no big deal to put one foot in front of the other” (maybe thats all you need for movement and getting from point A to point B, pigeon footed or not) – it IS in that if you walk the most people do, which is not the right way, youre depriving yourself of both the full physical (a lot of it!) – and definitely and by far the MENTAL (even more of it) benefits of this amazing movement.

And second, even if you do it right – uphill or not – stairs or not – it still by itself won’t necessarily get you any closer to being a stud at pull-ups – or a pushup master – or anything of the sort.

Sure, the weight loss will make it all easier, but to have the power, you have to DO the thing.

All my uphill walks that I have so chronicled didn’t really do me much good except weight wise when I started out on my journey to become a super stud at pull-ups.

I had to start from scratch, weight or no weight, period.

And thats how it will be for you too.

As an aside, I remember the Bozo wheezing away at 3 AM in the morning and me waking up to his strange messages, apparently this nutjob was “out for a walk” at the time.

Looking at Glyn though, with belly literally hanging down to his large size shoes (guy’s Bigfoot in that regard, literally!) … you’d be forgiven for thinking he never walked a step anywhere in his life.

I mean, the guy’s just FAT – period. I m ean really, really fat …

And while some of that wheezing was no doubt him trying to motor along but failing, knowing Glyn he probably stopped every 100 yards or so to take a dump (I Remember him once pointing out a public toilet and saying “Chuck would use that!” – God knows why “Chuck” would or would not, only Glyn knows!) and probably pound beers with stolen money, send Josie inane “Mam I want to be your servant” messages and other nonsense.

Hence the utter lack of weight loss – gain, actually in his case.

On that note, when quizzed about it, he’d smirk in a most disconcerting manner and wink obscenely, and then claim the following.

“I’m a plump”.

Your plump ,I repeated.

That he is!

But he wouldn’t let go of the “a” and when asked why, Bozo would claim “its UK slang,”.

Which it isn’t of course. At least not that I have heard!

And then he’d go off on a rant about how “US English is not the right English, only the “Queen’s English” was meant to spoken” and other utter rot, and keep saying “I’m a plump”.

This guy, really – plump?


He could do with some suction to pull the plums out of his fat belly for one, except knowing Bozo, he’s got them attached to his plums already and his plumbing too most likely if you get my drift. Ugh.

Then he’d rant about how “schedule” was meant to be pronounced “skid-ule” … ???

I mean really, this guy is a lunatic.

Enough on Bozo, that was just a bit more on “Glyn Anecdote Central”. There’s just too many, each of them coming to mind when it does!

But anyway, to recap –

Learn the RIGHT way to walk, my friend. And benefit immeasurably.

And along with walking, uphill or not, remember nothing replaces good old bodyweight exercise either – so make sure to get your fill of it in daily, and then some.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee