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- PRICE wankers...

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Does anyone remember “Leroy” (or was it LArry? I cannot quite place the name for the life of at me at the time of writing this one) that wanted an insane discount on Gorilla Grip – 70% – and to make it all the more idiotic (his request) – the book itself was priced at $17.99 then.

(it’s 19.99 now I believe, paperback a bit more).

Really, why someone would want – or even bother to ask for a discount on such a low amount is beyond me  ?

Then again, I remember an ex and her Dad who’d literally ask for “the dime” back at Dollar Store (this was back in the day i.e. the 1990’s – hardly “recession” time, but he lived by “a dime is a dime” so…) ….

In his case, I’d giggle and chortle, so would the ex in a mortified and embarassed sort of manner – and of course, I still remember the black girl at the cashier staring curiously at the old white dude standing there and refusing to budge. Hehe.

But he was at least justified there.

These idiots that dont just ask but DEMAND discounts?

This Leroy guy showed up a few months back (not so long ago if you remember, I wrote to you about it).

He showed up an hour ago as well, demanding I “reinstate” the discount for Pushup Central. 

I could tell by the tone of his email he was acting up.

he did not ASK me if I could put the discount back up, as many people do (nicely).

“I want the …” he went. 

I politely told him the discount was not on (I had it for the last set of offers I gave everyone PLENTY of opportunity to get on, but many did not).

And that was when I should have either blocked or ignored or both – him – but I went into nice guy mode as I’m apt to (as usual, big discount) and do what I do normally i.e. offered him a new discount.

“It’s still too much”, and so curt was the response, I just sent back a few questions in response.

Basically I asked him this.

IS there any book like Pushup Central out there – even remotely as exhaustive?

IS there anyone that does bodyweight workouts like I do – as intense and as RESULTS PRODUCING?

IS there anyone that gives out discounts etc regularly anyway like I do?

And a couple of more questions, but those were the main ones.

Needless to say I never heard back

And much like with NetFlix Bozo that wanted to pay Netflix but apparently found the piddly amount for the Ship too much, I doubt I’ll ever hear back.

Which is fine.

Good riddiance for all I care.

But here’s the nub of it all, my friend.

I just dont get how ENTITLED people are these days.

Even that ain’t the right word.

It’s LUNACY – as I wrote to you earlier about.

Clearly the books are the best in their genre out there.

Or, you’d heard back from these nuts!

Clearly, they can’t do the thing – and haven’t done it.

And clearly, the price wanking is not justified.

If you get more, you pay more.

Simple as that, and you showl as hell dont DEMAND to pay less!

Just insane…

Anyway, thought I’d share that with you.

and thats that for now.

Remember all the great offers we got going on, friend, take action NOW – because once gone, THIS particular set of offers is also gone.

So, for th enth time, please make hay while the sun shines.

Thank you!


Rahul Mookerjee

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