Isometrics, tight shoulders – Insta – and more!
- Spur of the moment!

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I did something today I have not done for a long time – I posted on Instagram.

And how!

My dislike of social media is well, well known my friend. Well known!

Yet, a lot of YOU love it – especially Instagram, where I’ve noticed a lot of you hang out “watching”.

That fine, and great if you like it!

And so today, while I was hitting a sticking point in my dips – since I ain’t done them in a while, I’m at 15-20 reps/set (which is way more than most can manage to begin with anyway) – I loosened up using a special “windmilling” technique that I teach in the pathbreaking book on isometrics i.e. Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Now, this is a great, great movement.

It truly doesnt just loosen the upper body up big time – it also burns FAT – and is  a workout unto itself if you do it right.

It also realigns your shoulder joints – for most of you, you’ll hear tons of clicks and clacks going on as you do these, which is nothing to worry about – it’s simply stuff readjusting itself, and tendons etc strengthening themselves!

Remember the Chinese massueses that used to dig their fingers into that joint back in the day (not THAT Joint, hehe – its the shoulders I’m referring to – both of them – not the boulders you’re thinking of ; sorry, sometimes I can’t help but make risque jokes, hehe) – and yours truly YOWLING in pain?

Well, part of that was weak tendons – most of it was MIS-ALIGNED tendons, and them re-aligning it back – sorta like you push a shoulder back into its socket.

It works – but HURTS.

THIS movement does much the same for your shoulder joint – without the hurts – if anything, it’s the polar opposite – you’ll be on cloud NINE after you do some windmilling the way the book teaches you (and 10 plus if you do more after that!).

Now, the pictures work great for the static poses in the book but as you know I’ve gone one better.

I’ve done MOVING poses in that book – WAY beyond the “push against a wall” most people expect, and dont get me wrong – if that worked for the Gama, that will work for you too – simplest often and usually works the BEST – but the fluid movements are a) harder to capture on camera, and b) are what really work to get the joints LOOSE – and you feeling LIMBER – and like a bazillion bucks within SECONDS.

Trust me, these can be a workout unto themselves.

I figured I’d post on Insta.

Did it.

Then I saw they have a 60 second limit or something.


So, back to Youtube it was, and you’ll see a video up there which I really should title “windmilling” – I’ll do so soon.

Now, remember – I took this myself – without a selfie stick, so bear with me on that one.

Wasn’t nobody around to take it.

No friendly “Tan” as in Battletank Shoulders, hehe.

(he did a great job!)

And, as another surprise/teaser, I’ve got a couple of short videos out on swinging the Indian club – the most BASIC of movements which I teach in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness – you guys will love ’em!

Ill upload them shortly too, time permitting …

If you ain’t yet placed your pre-order for that book, do so NOW.

And that, my friend is that .

Before I forget?

That windmilling motion and the way it loosens you up – youll notice yourself FLYING past sticking points instantly on your exercises.

5 per set will quickly turn into 7, and then 10.

Key is in HOW you COMBINE the exercises and workouts.

There is a reason behind the madness at the end of all my books (in the workouts section “not for pussies training”, as Charles Mitchell once rightly put it. Hehe).

And I’ll video that more in the future too.

Enjoy, and be sure and pick up the books above – the very best!


Rahul Mookerjee

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