“Rahul, how did you lose weight so quickly!”?
- Indeed a comment I've heard so many times!

Thats a comment I’ve heard so many times – usually within the space of DAYS.

In 2016, when – without knowing it – I was preparing to put out “Eat More – Weigh Less!” – – a truly revolutionary style of training that was going to go on to shake the entire fitness world up from the inside out – and throw all the nasty hidden FLAB away – I kept hearing it.

“He’s really lost weight!”

“Sou la!” (Some Chinese slang for “so thin!”) …

And this wouldn’t be month by month – it woul dbe DAY by day in many cases.

In Many cases, people who said that on Monday – would say it again on Wednesday.

I’m the sort of person whose face changes rather rapidly – and dramatically.

Everything with me is extreme, as I’ve said so many times before.

And fat wise, I either become a movie star (though movies arent really my thang, hehe, in terms of being a movie star) – or a phat phocker. Usually no in between!

Anyway – those comments – that comment was made the other day by a friend I had not seen in a while – years, actually.

Now, he last saw me years ago.

Which is great, but – the comment THAT brought to my mind?

Was when I took a brief break in training without knowing it again (I was truly sick for a few days) before creating “Eat More – Weigh Less!” …

It was a week’s break, about that – or maybe three days. Yes, three days. For two of those days, I could barely get out of bed. Extreme again!

Third day, I decided fuck it.

Enough was enough.

“I’m going to train if it kills me!”

And train I did, and how!

Anyway – two days after that, Carol, a girl I know (or maybe it was Grace, I can’t quite remember) – ah, Grace, actually – with whom I once binge ate (well, that wasn’t the goal – but the food was so good!) – at a  5 star hotel!

She made the comment.

“Michael, you’ve lost so much weight!”

(remember that English name, hehe).

Now, I hardly got fat within the two or so days I was sick.

But those two days after that – I was training hard again – and she noticed it, and she was right – more weight DID fly off (probably all the bloat that comes with a severe case of food poisoning or what not) … and the look was different.

You’ll see what I mean, my friend.

In Eat More – Weigh Less, I look LEAN – MEAN – and HUNGRY.

And though I look that way in all my courses (well, except the ones where I purposely put phat phocker pictures) – this look is different – it JUMPS out at you – you can FEEL IT – literally!

That raw … I dont know, COME GET IT! vibe.

She felt it.

And what I was doing was Eat More – Weigh Less techniques, of course.

This course, my friend, is getting RAVE REVIEWS globally – people are just LOVING IT – even more than their favorite Mickey D’s, because they can eat more of it while still losing oodles of weight and getting SEXIER than ever before!

That last bit is very important – true – and sage!

As an aside, did you see how illegals in some places are literally running rampant and lining up outside Mickey D’s and such for meals etc?

It’s just a disgrace whats happening at the border, friend, and it continues to get worse, along with all the CONTROL Big Tech/liberals want to have over YOU – in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

FIGHT this, friend.

And getting in shape – and FEELING like an animal all day is step #1 to fighting it, or anything – and taking back CONTROL – of your OWN LIFE.

Get this course now, my friend.

The results – and VIBE – speaketh – for themselves!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Literally, you’ll be dropping pant sizes within the WEEK if you do things right. Literally within a week, not “weeks!” .

PS #2 – For more advanced, brutal training of that nature – Animal Kingdom Workouts is the ticket – but even if you just get the course above, you’ll experience the truly revolutionary and “eye popping” eat more – weigh less effect.

But, of course, for best results, and solid training – get BOTH, my friend.

And, place the pre-order for level #3 i.e. Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, that course is really racking up the views – and pre-orders – as we “speaketh”.

PPS #1 – You guys that follow me on Instagram – if you’ve been noticing the above books a lot more in your “feed” – well, there is a reason!

PPPS #1 – Best part about the course? AS the title says – EAT MORE – and WEIGH LESS! You do not, I repeat, do NOT need to STARVE yourself, go on fancy diets, any nonsense of that nature. 

Get this NOW. 

Edit – After sending out that email … 

I figured when I sent you this email beneath, there would be idiocy central “in response” on social media etc. 

And I predicted the first comment would be “by not eating”

Here is what it was – 

Me easy, thanks to unemployment and lockdowns.​

LOL. ?

But anyway – before you read the below, again – remember the course, as I say in the PS, does NOT REQUIRE YOU TO STARVE to death, get on fancy diets, or ANY diet, or anything of that nature. I highly in fact recommend you eat ALL you like (within reasonable limit, but if you must enter barfing contests, do so!) … and THEN TRY IT – and THEN REPORT BACK. Hehe. 

……………….. WORLD BREAKING – or should I say PATH BREAKING. Hehe. 

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