Squeezing the “small guys” – so called hucksterism – and more!
- This has to be said...

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My friend,

I dont know if you’ve noticed this or not – you probably have, at least here on this list.

There is a concerted effort being made at every level – and this is all part of the dastardly COVID Plan I’ve spoken so much about chaired by the CCP and judging by his recent actions, most likely “Hiden” Biden too … to not just lock people, take their freedoms away, and so forth – but squeeze, and this is something I’ve been saying for ages – the middle class out of existence, period.

I’ve been saying that for years.

And more than just that, to control the THOUGHTS of the “small guys” – or those perceived as small.

Ever see how liberal leaning Big Tech (Amazon being a notable exception, again! Jeff Bezos is the MAN!) – is doing all it can to put its hands into your POCKETS – when their own coffers are overflowing – quite literally?

Could be Google wanting more money for Google One, or whatever their new paid service is, apparently even Google with huge infrastructure and even deeper pockets “needs cash to survive” beyond the free limit of 15GB they provide.

OK, thats fine. I get it. (I just wish they’d spend some of that cash on customer service, which ever since Sunder Pichai took over seems to have been banished to the WINDS) …

But it could be anyone.

The New York Post paywalling their content. (and making sure to post juicy little headlines so people click them i.e. clickbait).

The Telegraph in the UK has even put up the donations page on every news article they write, its been there for AGES.

Geez, and all these requests for money out of your pocket are met with “understanding” .

“Because they need it”.

Yet, oddly enough, when someone like yours truly puts out products – “too expensive”!

When someone like a Trump asks for donations to fight stolen elections – he’s branded a huckster. “Why would Trump need the money since he’s already so rich”.

See the fucking hypocrisy here my friend?

There ain’t no goose and gander at play with libs (curiously enough or maybe not – they did a study – guess who contributes the LEAST to charity – and the most – the answers may surprise you!

Right for the last, and left for the first).

(doesn’t surprise me).

The left truly wants YOU, the person reading this – and the person likely to be on this list GONE – because we value freedom, we think for ourselves, we dont take kindly to Bozos shoving unwanted legislation down our throats, we dont defund the police and bitch about increased crime (that thing about having a brain, you know!) – or yell at the border agents, fire most of them (so I read Biden did, 40% or so!) – and then have the entire country overrun with liberal leaning illegals from the Third World (or wherever it might be)”to get the next vote”i.e. steal it.

It ain’t just some fancy theory I’m spinning here.

It affects YOU.

And it hits YOU where it hurts the most – both thoughts – freedom – and POCKET.

And its accepted, of course.

I keep reading about Trump being a huckster, I keep reading about “how Rahuls products are so expensive” and so forth …

I dont hear anything about the rest though?

Get this, my friend.

It’s become “posh” to be “trendy and liberal” i.e. an utter FOOL.

Even someone like Bozo Schofield, the troll of the Century and then some wouldn’t ever think of trolling someone “politically correct” and “socially liberal” or whatever nonsense they call it.

Dont get me wrong, I love the Bozos’s trolling.

He makes me moolah!

But I’m just saying, the hypocrisy from the bleeding heart liberals is just that – hypocrisy – and another cog in the wheel of control they’re trying to YOKE you to.

I’ve made my own views VERY clear on this paywall BS.

The site will never have a paywall for the blog.

One, because the emails are free, they will continue to be, and the blog simply reposts those emails for those that want a look see or those that couldn’t access their emails or what not …

And two, because – it gives the morons who whine about “too many emails” an easy out i.e. you want to see what I write anyway, so just go to the site and do not clog up the email pipeline.

Anyway, the hypocrisy.


and last, but not least – remember, every request from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ for SUPPORT – for YOU to step up and BUY some products – or to leave a review – or simply to spread the word – or whatever it might be is 100% GENUINE.

And if you genuinely want to support us, if you truly like us, NOW is the time to step up and show it …

And I’m out. But I had to get that off my chest!


Rahul Mookerjee

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