From “Baithinda” to Texas, hehe.
- And more!

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And, jumping rope – and Indian clubs – and a combo there in!

Before getting to that, if the world class fitness videos in 0 Excuses Fitness have ONE flaw – if it can be called that, it is this.

The workout video shows me in a typical 0 Excuses Fitness workout.

Lots of pushups, squats, and I even throw in bridging at the end fo ryou – and a handstand or two.

And wall walking – and you’ll see me do the BEST darn exercise ever.

Yet, while this sort of thing will get you in the best shape of your life, there were many people at “rank beginner” level for whom following along was nigh impossible.

Now, in those vidoes I tell you – do what you can i.e. START someplace.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Neither was “Bhatinda” – that is the right way to pronounce it, hehe.

I pronounced – and apparently spelt it “Baithinda” up there!

But Rome wasnt built in a day, so do what you can – and yet, I always regretted not putting out more “beginniner” level videos.

Perhaps with my level of conditioning, what I would do for beginners would still be too much for most people!

I dont know,but THIS morning, my workout went straight from Punjab to TX to China, hehe – or maybe the other way around.

I even flew my own plane everywhere, evading the lockdowns and such.


Not really. Hehe.

But those Indian clubs I speak so highly off, there is a guy in Bhatinda in Punjab that makes CUSTOM clubs i.e. custome weight, grip size etc – believe me, there is an art and science to this, and we export them to China and elsewhere.

Now, thats a different business altogether.

But, those clubs were used by the Gama, Indian wrestlers of yore, and even strongmen globally – that curiously enough all learnt it from India, yet were “invited” to India to train the weak Maharajas in their own art!

Sometimes, the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Hilarious. Hehe.

The TX part, well, lumberjacks, lodestones, you get it – and the “Baithinda” which I ended up pronouncing it as – my Hindi ain’t the best, hehe.

To China, well, “Chandini Chowk to China” – ’nuff said there, hehe.

But anyway …

Mr Tan took the pictures for Battletank Shoulders, and did a great job there!

Yours truly has a friend who took the video today – a GORILLA GRIP video,a short one – but that one’s not up as yet – watch for it soon.

What IS up is my OWN video which I took myself.

What a lot of you have been hankering after!

HOW to swing the clubs – and I show you how to do it in yesterday’s video, but today’s video shows you how to do it – in a workout – along with some basic jumping rope.

To me 700 odd reps and 30 odd swings, or the other way around is child’s play, and anyway, I was getting late for my pull-ups. Hehe.

But that brief workout – around 15 minutes or so, I believe – that I put together will put most advanced trainees to shame if you do things RIGHT.

And, I’ll be doing more such videos up for Jump Rope Mania! – a highly underrated course – and of course, the five great ones for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness.

For now, enjoy this workout – it’ll show you that you truly need NO MORE Than 15 minutes to to get in shape – and stay there!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Make sure to place your pre-order for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness NOW.

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