Ugh, these simps, cucks – and “Bozo Schofield’s” in general.
- And their numbers seem to be increasing.

Admittedly Bozo, although he loves being a simp and a cuck doesn’t quite fall into either one category outright – he’s just a loser and a grade A troll.

We all have our “roles” in life, and it seems Bozo’s was to be a grade A pest, lunatic, buffoon and troll – and scammer “el supremo”as scores of women that (you know, the fat and lonely ones) got taken in by his BS.

He’s rather good at playing the victim is the Bozo, especially the way he starts by saying “I………… ” (he really emphasizes it) dont have moneyyyyyyy!

And he really pitches a hissy fit, almost like a girl would.

Some of those women I think gave him money just to get the lunatic off their backs, unfortunately he never did.

Of course, as you can see with his inane rants about wanting to be a servant, be cuckolded, “polish Josie’s boyfriends boots with his shirt” (his latest) – and so forth – being an idiot turns him on greatly.

And these simps, cucks …

I’m sure you know the difference?

They are one and the same essentially, except simps get off on “simping” to women i.e. “anything she says is right and she must be worshipped” – cucks are much the same, except the add on is they want their woman with another man.

They are usually one and the same, lots of overlap – just ask Glyn Bozo.

“The word should be simp, not cuck”, a certain Chad cackled the other day (interesting that was his real name!! Hehe MgTow guys will understand the irony/joke there) … 

“Probably a bit of both” – I chortled back.

Now, I’m referring to an incident in a weShat group – the kind which in my stellar groups would get you kicked out instantly – PERIOD – and blocked forever.

One of those spammy “phishin” job offers recruiters often post (there is a reason they are about as useful as screen doors on a submarine, friend) ie “we want person with green or blue eyes”, and “we want work for four hours”, and a list of other rubbish, but the where wasn’t mentioned, and most importantly, neither was the pay “we pay well!!!!!!” was the only comment.

Obviously I called the cunt out on it.

She knew what she was doing – and she knew most of the cucks in China (foreign cucks) wouldn’t dare to say a word “because this is China”.

As Gorilla Girl Sophia can attest to, and a certain MJ, hehe, that ain’t the case with yours truly who says it like it is no matter where he is . REmember how I met Gorilla Girl in the first place?

Anyway, first thing you know, and I expected this, the cucks and simps jumped in with their “how dare you’s” and “no-one cares if she is wrong” nonsense, and at the forefront of the line was a certain wakco “Jorge Palmino” (or something like that was this idiot’s name) who was whining about being kicked out of my group, and how dare I raise a fuss in another group.

I explained it all, of course.

i.e if someone posts a job like that, they deserve to be called out, and the reasons behind my calling them out, and that more people need to do it.

Might as well have been pissing into the wind, for all the good it did.

Another cuck “Mike” piped up, whining about how “I used profanity in every sentence” (I was kinda ticked off, I admit. Hehe) – and how “in Rahu’s group, he kicks out everyone that doesn’t agree with him” (not true – I only follow the rules) – and “if you talk like that in his group, he kicks you out”, he mourned (certainly not true at all, I’ve never done that, and the amount I cuss, fuck, that would be hypocrisy central from me if I were to do that!) …

End of it all, I got removed from the group the next day by an idiot.

I knew that would happen, which was fine, I could care less.

But, it was interesting the vibe I got.

People actually AGREED with what I was saying.

Except the simps, most agreed – they just didnt want to say anything publicly which I Dont get, but hey, whatever…

But this pandering to brats and Nazi feminists must stop, my friend.

It simply must STOP – now .

Let me take that back.

I should say, it STOPS NOW!

And it’s not as hard to stop as you might think either, and to BENEFIT FROM IT.

You know whats funny though?

In the inevitable battle to see which cuckold got the most attention, something strange happened.

The idiotic woman that posted the even stupider job post – reposted it – with the correct info etc. Along with a snarky note saying “For Rahul”.

George or “Jorge” or “Georgie Porgie” as the case might be “seized the day” to become simp numero uno groveling in front of Fiona (the girls name).

He reposted it.

With this “If youre Rahul, shut up, and keep scrolling“.

I posted a note saying “And if you are Jorge the cuck, keep aiming for higher levels of cuck heaven”.

Needless to say I didnt get a response – from him.

But the girl responded.

And it was one of those classic replies, directed to Jorge, surprisingly enough, or maybe not. Hehe.

“Oh, great! U his dog!” she went.

“He throws, you fetch! You are Rahul’s dog, you play ball together! Fetch!”

Now, this insane rant – and the utter rudeness of it didnt get a word out of the simps in general who were still complaining about “how Rahul uses profanity in each sentence”.

So I chimed in.

“Thats what you get for being a white knight, Jorge”.

And it’s true. Hehe.

Georgie Porgie, Cuck Pudding and Pie in Brum most likely if you get my drift.

Women, though, really.

Give them half a rein, and they’ll take FULL advantage.

NEVER let a woman be in any position of power over you, friend. Misogynistic be damned – it’s true. Shell misuse that power first chance she gets, I’ve seen way too many examples.

It’s Gorilla Girl’s like Sophia, of course (remember the case with a certain Vicky and myself – how I met gorilla Girl?) who set the record straight.

They are ruthless with cucks, and a certain Gwen told me as much recently.

“I treat them like the bitches they are, and walk all over them”.

Well, hey.

They WANT it, so I can’t blame her. Like Gorilla Girl once told me “because they allow me to do it!” 

Actually, she doesn’t talk much to cucks, period. Hehe.

But anyway …. Nazi feminism, my friend.

THE SCOURGE, the PLAGUE of modern day society …

As I say on the “pre sales blurb” for the book on it …

f there ever was one thing worse than anything else – war – disease – china plague etc – it is the MENTALLY EVIL. Those that wish nothing but harm upon others. Those that wish everyone to do it THEIR way or the highway. Those that do all they can to strangle independent thought, thinking, and by extension, thinkers. Those that force everyone to kow tow to their will – or try! Those that want to STEAL what is the most precious for a lot of us – our FREEDOM. At any and all costs!

If I had to choose TWO words for this scourge? One would be the loony left.

The second? And almost the same? NAZI FEMINISTS!

And Nazi feminists, much like Nazi anything are just pure plain EVIL.

Men globally have had enough, and its now time to stand up – battle – and take back our rights as a whole which have been snatched away by Nazi feminists and enabled by cuckolded men pandering to brats.

It stops NOW. This SCOURGE must be eradicated, and it WILL BE!

As a bonus – learn how to profit immensely in all regards from this.

Real man, you’ll want to get this – NOW! And Cucks looking to break free of the shackles – this is a must read for you.


And believe me, this book my friend aint just “another book on mgtow”.

It, like my fitness books is ONE OF A KIND, never seen before – just check out the BENEFITS and you’ll see.

#26 is a special benefit that will literally not just blow you away, but you’ll benefit in spades if you implement what I say.

Come to think of it, that holds true with all I say and do – and teach you!

Get this book now, my friend.

So damn worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is that link again, my friend. SEIZE the day – to reinforce your real man status -or for those desperate to break free of the Nazi Fem shackles – TODAY is the day you break FREE- forever. And what a life it it “on the outside”, my friend. Trust me, I should know!

Get this NOW. Truly ONE of a kind!

PPS – If there is ONE hardcover book I’d recommend you have on your shelf along with the fitness ones, it is this one …

And no, the Mrs won’t necessarily mind either. Hehe. IT’s about HOW you do things, not WHAT you do …

PPS #1 – When cucks whine about “no-one cares about your logic”, tell them they cared enough to respond. Hehe. Thats what I told Jorge Hairy Palmed who was also whining about “I had to deal with your BS in your group, now this one…”

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