Strength, agility, speed – and FAT LOSS – and more – with Jump Rope Mania!
- Indeed another old timer secret

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If there is one course I’d recommend you to get along with Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness to train “old school” style WITH IMPLEMENTS and not just bodyweight (though remember, friend – bodyweight is KING. You can do all the mudgars you want, and you won’t necessarily get any better at pull-ups, the reverse is not true!) – it is the much ignored (or perhaps “left by the wayside”) course I put out last year – Jump Rope Mania. 

Not only is this one of the most affordable courses I sell, I mean, think about it – like $50 or so??? Peanuts, I should really price it higher! – Actually, I should say not only is it one of the most reasonably priced courses I offer YOU – but it’s worth its weight in gold and then some.

Jumping rope is an old time strongman training secret – period.

It builds strength, health and fitness – from the inside out.

It builds speed.

It builds AGILITY.

It builds flexibility, and perhaps most important to you?

It is a GREAT tool for fat loss – and RAPID fat loss while building stamina. 

Not all of you can do my Animal Kingdom Workouts – so this is a great place to start, friend.

10 minutes of rope jumping is far better than 30 minutes of running (not sprinting, but running) per day.

That bit of wisdom, along with “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is TRUE.


There is a reason the old timers, even those that were not boxers or wrestlers all jumped rope regularly – there is nothing better for the lymhpatic system for one.

And the balls of your feet, the pressure points connected to them …

Anyway, I put out a very basic video on jumping rope yesterday – along with some club work.

Many of you liked it!

But what I am going to do NOW is this – I am going to put out a NEVER SEEN BEFORE video – on jumping rope alone – with the movements shown in the course in great detail.

Some of you have expressed great interest in the “jogging” and scissoring movements.

Some in the “letter” workouts in the book.

And I’m going to show it all to you – along with a semi-basic workout as well.

Meaning, it’s more than what I show you on youtube (which is more than enough to fry most people anyway). . .

Something you can do daily, and the real kicker to this video, although youll see me doing pull-ups, handstands and all that – or some of it, whatever I can “do” at the time – and film – you will see me training in reverse as well.

Thats right, friend.

And you’ll see me do advanced grip work while jumping rope too – trust me, the rope will FRY your forearms if you do it right, combine it with other Gorilla Grip movements, and you’re truly on your way to “unnatural kung fu like grip status!”.

Just trust me on this one (I know you do).

I’ll have a pre-order for the set of videos out soon – right now, I’m raring to get my OWN workout done.

And for ya’ll, if you ain’t yet picked up Jump Rope Mania, please do so NOW.

Heck, it’s even one of the most reasonably priced books out there – for what it offers – pure streaming GOLD – I really should be pricing it higher and I will soon, but for now, the price remains at what it IS.

Get this NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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