Why I’d rather run uphill anyday over flat land running.
- I really would!

It might be tougher, yes.

It might next to “kill you” when you first start.

It’ll cause your heart to THUMP out of your chest, and it might even injure you if you’re not ready for it (I talk about NOT jumping from a perch on the couch for years – uphill sprints within one day).

It’ll cause weight loss like you NEVER knew, and you’ll build slabs of muscle ALL over your body, including your entire upper body – especially them traps – and the CHEST too.

There are so many good reasons behind it, but my main reason …

Is it’s intense – and …

… even for super fit people like me, it’s a lot less stress on the joints etc – which is applicable to YOU here, my friend.

When you run uphill, you get all the benefits of running x 100, if the slope is good.

And because it’s so tough, it’s hard to “over do it” (though it’s easy to sprain something – again – read Eat More – Weigh Less very thoroughly – it tells you how to go from start – advanced!).

But it’s a lot less boring as well.

I remember a guy once telling me about his weight loss, where he “pounded the pavement” for hours every day.

“It really works”, he told me.

It might work, yes.

But there are better ways of losing weight than that – he looked like a prune for one, all dried out.

Again, his weight loss was commendable, but I wonder about his joints, his internal health etc – from all that pounding on the pavement, most of all, the FEELING!

When you do quick sprints, especially uphill, you FEEL like a billion bucks!

Like nothing you’ve ever done before, and this feeling, my friend – lasts ALL day long – with a few MINUTES of exercise. Literally!

And to me, that alone is worth it.

Give me Herschel Walker/Walter Peyton like hill sprints any day – preferably with tyres around the waist. Hehe.

That sort of thing is going to be covered in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness as well in case you did not know, and if you’re still being a “mooch” and still have not placed that pre-order, then you dont have a pulse, my friend – I have to say it.

This will truly be the best course ever!

Oh, and for now, remember to pick up Eat More – Weigh Less – and start getting in super shape while you’re at it.

Back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee