Why “reverse training” is an absolute must if you want to get better at PULL-UPS!
- & many of y'all do ...

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Actually, doing pushups regularly, and getting damn good at pushups is an absolute must.

I’ve included the main sorts you simply MUST work in “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” – that you simply MUST work in order to get good at pull-ups, period.

And EVEN if you’re, you know – already pretty good at pull-ups – you’ll want to work these exercises into your routine anyway. Remember what happened to me – the pull-up stud “bonafide” after about a year or so of not doing very many pushups at all?

You dont want that to happen to you!

The reverse pushup i.e. a variant, but NOT the “best darn exercise” is included in the book, and for good reason.

But the OTHER “reverse style” pushups are a must too my friend if you want to get better at pull-ups, and quick.

First thing you know, you better get damn good at the BRIDGE – all it’s variants.

The regular bridge – front and back.

Way too many people ignore the front on this one – do NOT do that, period.

The wrestler’s bridge – front and back.

(in 0 Excuses Fitness I tell you the bridge is part of the BIG THREE – there is a reason why!)

And a much ignored style of bridging that even super fit people struggle to do – and hold – the GYMNASTIC bridge, as I teach in Corrugated Core.

The “table” pushup as well.

All these work so well, why?

Well, some of you might answer – they strengthen the core. You wouldn’t be wrong there!

Some might say lower back, and you would not be wrong there either – these are the BEST ever for the lower back – a huge weak area for most people.

Isometrics are a GREAT way to strengthen that lower back, by the way – – especially some of the movements most people think do not target that area!

Then, y’all may say upper back – which is true too!

But the MAIN reason other than stretching and strengthening the entire back – posterior chain and buttocks beyond belief – even stretching another even more important area, the hamstrings is this – and it does apply to pull-up mastery – LOOSENING!

And, reversing the Hunchback of Notre Dame effect most people have from spending too long at the computer, or desk, or whatever it is . . .

Even you FIT people might suffer from the “hunchback” syndrome to a degree and not even know it.

And one prime sign of that – the MID back – the muscles along the SIDE of the mid back – another weak area for most people!

Bridging, and reverse work strengthens, stretches, and loosens all this beyond belief.

If you want to improve at pull-ups QUICK, my friend, then get good at these – get DAMN good at these.

You might be surprised – some of you will improve your pull-ups using these techniques within a DAY or so – or a workout or so – and that is NOT an exaggeration.

Well, my friend, I’m back from a studly pull-up workout – and reverse work, so I feel qualified to write to you about this, and my gorilla grip.

“Rahul, what the heck!” a friend of mine went when I gripped his hand out there.

But I could feel it.

He’s the same guy I said yesterday that has started on pushups . . .

I could feel it, post workout!

I encouraged him a bit too.

“You’re getting stronger bro. KEEP IT UP!”

And I hope he keeps it up, doesn’t do what he did with pull-ups i.e. do ’em for one day, never again.

Alright, enough for now.

Get all the courses above, and get cranking on pull-ups, one of the truly very best exercises you can DO, friend.

I look forward to hearing about it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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