“When she SEES it – she is going to WANT it!”
- So said Lilly, hehe.

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Lilly was (and still is)  a great friend!

Rueben John Lilly is his name, and we were once discussing – gawd, I dont know – I think girls, sex, what not – and how he was advising me to “do the deed first yourself” before doing it with her – LOL – as if I needed tuition on that one (that was typical guy talk on “lasting longer” at the good ole “horny” age of 19 – lol again) …

And I kept deadbatting it all back with my thing about “I love girls, but end of the day, I’d rather stay to myself”.

Curiously enough, of course, this approach has netted me more women without even trying than most men achieve in several lifetimes (which is NO, that is NOT me bragging, it is just an example of … well, how you can GET what you want without overly consciously struggling or trying – subconsciously, you do the work, the results come!).

Zero to Hero, and more – believe me, there is a REASON I keep giving you this book to buy, my friend.

Please, if you’re not satisfied with your life the way it is – and I mean REALLY, deep down inside (saying “No Rahul I’m happy!” – and then following it up by saying “but half my life is gone, no use!” will not cut it – that is a NO) – then GET this book – along with Gumption Galore, it’ll give you the ballast you need on your most down days to – get up – DO – and achieve.

Believe me, I speaketh from the trenches.

Anyway …….

He then spoke about girls constantly calling me up etc (on the good ole PHONE, we didnt have dumbphones back then).

I replied in the affirmative, but I told him I didnt really entertain most of them.

(dont get me wrong tho, them Southern girls were GORGEOUS!)

(and no, this hasn’t got anything to do with the size, shape, color or texture of my wang doodle – a certain guy “Jeremy” when pondering just how I was so “successful with women” made the comment about “because you’re …” (well, I best not go there) – and then of course, my great friend TEMB made the comment about “you got the HAIR! ” – LOL “Habib got all the girls!”) …

He harrumphed.

“When she sees it, she is going to WANT IT!”

True dat.


Even my phat phocker days, though back then I was a skinny runt I believe, swimming several laps in the pool daily, and ladies coming up and saying “swim one more for me” (when I was fixated on their mammaries more than anything else, haha).

Now, just what the hell does this have to do with fitness, you might ask.

A lot.

I’ve been asking yall about the courses you want to see, for one.

Lot of you have gotten back, lot of you not.

But hear me out – before I put out Pushup Central, for one, I asked people galore about whether they’d like to see a book like this, truly the best ever on pushups, going DEEP where NO-ONE else did.

How many responses did I get?

If you’d guess “5-what I can count on one hand” – you wouldn’t be far off!

Yet, I followed my gut and put out the book.

Same thing for Kiddie Fitness. 

Same thing for Battletank Shoulders!

Now, SOMETIMES, you guys know what you want – and it’s right on target – the book on isometrics, for one, came bout through a lot of “goading” from several people.

Which is great!

But a lot of times, you only really see it first, and then you want it – and that the key to visualization I keep saying – you have to see it first – to GET IT!

You have to believe you can DO IT!

When Jeff Bezos asked his customer about Prime, before he launched it, no-one responded – not because they didnt want it.

They did not believe it was POSSIBLE.

So he did it, and, well, the results are there for all to see …

Same thing for your fitness.

My products SHOW you – right down to the LOOK – in terms of what you’ll GET – and WANT.

Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness shows me in a “bulk up” mode because that is what you guys WANT.

(those that want that course).

(and no, you dont HAVE to be fat – or bulky – or both – or “bigger” – or have huge muscles – to be strong as heck. The look ain’t important. Results are. Personally, I prefer the lean and mean look, but since so many of you want to see “what is possible” – 3000 plus – well, I’m SHOWING YOU!)

Ditto for my other courses. Basic course on pull-ups shows me as a phat phocker, so YOU know YOU can do it too.

And so forth… (Eat More – Weigh Less shows me in that avatar) …

Point is this, friend.

Lots of you want to get in better shape for fitness and health yes, but also to be attractive to the opposite sex, not necessarily “do anything”, but just … you know…

Or, some of you want the LUMBERJACK look – which has got nothing to do with women, you just want people looking at you with the “strongman!!!!!” look!

Or, the Corrugated Core look.

Point is this, again.

See it – FIRST.

And you’ll want it, like most of you want my products!

Last, but not least, remember that “simply wanting”  doesn’t cut it.

True, when Bezos started Amazon, he had the internet – and growth on his side, but that alone didnt cut it, did it?

When YOU start on your own fitness journey – which might seem an Amazonian one – when yours truly did – you have to see what you want – then you have to do.

Part of that doing involves learning, my friend, from someone that has DONE it before. 

That someone is ME …

And that, my friend is that.

Get your Christmas shopping done NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.- Remember, I dont know if I said this before, but there is a special offer waiting for those of you wanting Animal Kingdom Workouts.

But, you have to email me and TELL Me you want it – and get it you shall.

Flat discount basically, no other Terms and conditions – period.

Can’t beat that, I think – so if you’re a doer, and WANT IN, then EMAIL ME NOW – and TELL ME!

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