Isometrics, that other secret KEY to …

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In the last email I wrote about how GOOD isometrics make you feel – and the one before that, or maybe that one too, about how to BOOST your performance in strength training, or any activity, even higher reps on jumping rope and such with isometrics.

This email though – and fittingly enough will be about how isometrics can help you with RECOVERY from brutal workouts – and QUICK at that.

Now, this is something I’ve spoken about a lot before.

What I keep saying about ACTIVE recovery, i.e. sitting on the couch the whole day aint recovery to me – bears mention here.

You go slow some days, as an email yesterday told you, and you go fast the others – medium on other days.

Some days, to recover, you might just go for a 5 minute run, or 15 minute walk, or maybe swim, I dont know.

Or, you might just do a few movements from Corrugated Core, and be done with it.

Key thing is, you’ll find that doing ” a bit of something” usually gets the soreness to alleviate, and you feel and want to do MORE.

Same thing with sitting on the couch thinking “I deserve a break”.

Animals in the wild move about ALL the time, my friend, to be an animal, train like one, live like one to the extent possible.

The more you “sit”, the more you’ll be inactive. Trust me, I know a thing or two about it.

And the other key thing- it’s ACTIVE recovery that gets the blood flowing – and muscles recovering as the static lactic acid dissipates …

And again, isometrics and moving in the fluid manner I teach you – along with stretching is KEY.

Many people asked me why I didnt just put out a book on “just isometrics” i.e. just push against a wall. c

Because that ain’t the whole Humpty, friend.

It ain’t for nothing that my great customers use this course at the very top of the heap for themselves.

Panourgias from Greece for one swears by it.

“with your books, and isometrics, I will get into great shape!”

He’s right.

The fluid, dynamic MOVEMENTS – COMBINED with the isometric stretches are really what – and in RAPID FIRE TIME – get you to RECOVER quicker from your soreness if you have any (and if you’re training hard, you should and will) more than anything else will.

Anything, period.

Dont get me wrong.

You can do some “warm up sets” of my exercise to “Warm things up”.

But a far, far better way is isometrics.

Rather than “creaking through the first few sets” to warm up, why not BE loose, limber, WARMED UP – and feeling like a billion bucks already?

And now for the billion dollar reason isometric MOVEMENTS – like I showed you the other day in one of my videos does this so well.

Synovial fluid.

It is the thick, glue like fluid which keeps your joints from rubbing against each other.

Much like with glue, the less you use it, the more it becomes sticky and less fluid (if you’re Glyn Schofield from Brum reading this, No, Glyn, I ain’t talking about fluid escaping from other bodily orifices – this guy, really, I mean recently Glyn put some picture of himself on social media … butt naked, and hairy ass and flab and all showing, and UGH – “goo” escaping from his nether regions, as he puts it – this guy is just HORRIBLE!) …

… and the more “less fluid” it becomes, the less flexible you become, my friend.

Quite literally.

These isometric movements LOOSEN everything up BY getting the synovial fluid between the joints to flow, and keep flowing …

And that, my friend is another reason it keeps your joints pain free and such.

The more you use it, the more you keep it fluid.

And believe me, simply training hard won’t get the job done.

It is exercises specifically targeted at the joints, exercises Bozos diss as being “simple and too easy” (speaking of which, a certain Gama did them too!) – that really get to the bottom of it here.

This morning, I figured I’d jump straight into the jump rope workout, but I didnt.

Just stiff and sore as heck ALL OVER.

I started out loosening everything up with a bird like movement that looks nigh goofy in Isometric and Flexibility Training.

IT looks goofy, most people won’t do it.

But it shakes everything up from the inside out like nothing else can / does.

(G Bozo, don’t even go there, please).

Then, I did some windmilling – for a few seconds.

The clicking, clacking, all going on at full speed, then I moved to the hamstrings, a naturally tight area till this day for me.

Click, clack, as I balanced on one leg, did a few of those.

I finished off with a “waist turner” I teach you in Corrugated Core that not only burns fat, but also improves digestion, kidney function, gives you that “X” shape if you do it long enough (guys like Stallone did 500 reps of this with a broomstick) … but also loosens the SPINE up like nothing else, my friend.

And now, I’m feeling great – and raring to go.

My friend, if you needed any more “incentive” to purchase Isometric and Flexibility Training other than all the ones you’ve gotten today, I dont know what it could be.

If you have not invested in this great course as yet, make sure to do so – NOW – ASAP – PRONTO!

Just trust me on this one.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – It ain’t for nothing great trainees and doers have called this course “the missing link” that “ties all my other great books together”.

And as for YOU, leave a review after you get the book, and I’ll see to it personally you get the 10% discount pronto too on your next purchase!


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