But(t)ler But(t) let Glyn’s favorite pushup, and more…
- Hehe.

But(t) ler for obvious reasons, But(t) let for … well, he’s kind of like a “to let” service  (that is always open, at all hours, no matter what) at the crossroads, replete with ugly lipstick and such if you get my drift …

(Believe me, even though I know how crazy Glyn is – an utter loon, as Charles Chuck once called him – “a known lunatic” – I had trouble believing my eyes when a girl I know in the UK “Candice” sent me a picture of the Bozo at the crossroads.

“Isnt that the freak” she giggled.

“Gawd”, I goggled. Yes, it was indeed the Bozo dressed up as some sort of a “woman”!)

Anyway …

Bozo and pushups are “not symbiotic” to say the least.

Him doing a pushup is a dream, remains a dream (which he never had) – him even getting into the semi plank position on his knees is too much to ask, because his tummy is way too big, and upper body too spindly.

Of course, ask him to do on the mattress and he’ll happily get – and stay on his hands and knees all day if you get my drift, but any actual exercise – and Bozo?

As Sophia once told a certain cuck “Keep dreaming”!


Gorilla Girl, you’re indeed the best. And the best to land Bozo a proper “thwack” (or a slap, as many a customer has suggested the Bozo needs).

Anyway, there IS one pushup Bozo would love to try!

The floor humper pushup, as a great friend of mine TEMB (his real name is “Tyrone Eric Milakuwhat Blanks”, hehe – inside joke that, but it’s true!) once called it.

“Habib, what you doing humping the floor” was his comment when he first saw me doing it.


It looks different, yes, perhaps thats why some idiot once called my “yoga faggotty”.

First thing you know, it ain’t faggoty – as a bevy of cheerleads, gymnasts and such quickly, promptly and very swiftly REFUTED – and second, it wasn’t yoga – it’s pushups!

But the floor humper pushup is the “arms extended” pushup I teach you in Pushup Central, my friend, and it’s easy to see why But(t)ler Bozo would love to try it.

His favorite “face down” pose, except he’d be flat on the floor, and the legs wouldn’t be spread necessarily. Hehe.

But really, Glyn is so fat that he could barely get into half that position without his tummy burning a hole in the ground, and his lower back giving up instantly (sometimes I wonder how it supports his “woolly mammoth like” flab).

Forget Glyn, it’s time for BUSINESS NOW.

And business, my friend is this –

One, this is a style of pushup everyone should aim to get darn good at !

I used to do them in sets of 20, and still do on occasion.

They say the plank is good?

Well, it might be – but THIS movement, even the beginning pose – is the plank on steroids.

EVERYTHING from the shoulders to lower back and everything in between is torched, period, if you can even GET INTO POSITON when you first start – most people CANNOT.

Even seasoned fitness fanatics usually fall flat on their faces when attempting the pushup.

It is a core/lower back/shoulder workout like no other.

And it strengthens the entire body beyond belief, and burns fat like crazy too.

Second, the great Jack La Lanne did these – so many of them – that theyre often referred to as Jack La Lanne pushups.

I couldnt think of a better man to name it after!

And third, if you do these on your fingertips, you won’t just get a corsucating, iron clad GRIP – you’ll have that x 10.

Even yours truly, the grip manic from hell finds these difficult to do, and one hand, on fingertips – I positively start to WOBBLE.

Don’t try either one of the two variants above until you can do at least 25 of the regular arms extended pushup, and then 25 (at one go) for the “arms together” arms extended pushup.

Yes, there are varieties within varieties for this pushup, my friend – this ONE pushup.

And if you’re interested in a strong core that is twice as strong as it looks (i.e rock solid) – upper body strength that “doesn’t quit” – triceps of STEEL – and forearms like pylons – then youll want to LEARN – and then get good, damn good at this style of pushup.

Find out how to in Pushup Central.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember how Charles Mitchell once called my emails “Your emails are as entertaining as they are sensical“.


That wasn’t a Tai po either.

He knew I’d catch it, and of course, I did.

But today I got another one of those emails – apparently the part about Glyn literally had this lady in splits “Karen”.

“You truly have me in splits, Rahul!”

Glad to “serve”, Ma’am, even though that language will make Bozo wish he’s in splits right now. Hehe.

(Karen is from the UK too, great lady. Corrugated Core customer!)