A quick note for paperbacks and hardcovers.
- An interesting note too!

I just sent some of you an email about NO feedback from your end – please rectify that asap.

And while on the note of “paperbacks” etc – remember, our paperbacks and our HARDCOVER Editions – much like the much vaunted Collector’s Edition of Fast and Furious Fitness a LOT of you got, and loved (it was even autographed for many of you!) make GREAT, great gifts for “you and yours” ie. you and your loved ones, your near and dear ones for the Christmas season (or any season, really).

These books, my friend, are pure gold – you already know that.

But what you maybe did not know is that a lot of folks are snapping up paperbacks on the OTHER site – erotica, no less.

Think about it, if those books are going great guns, there is no reason for our fitness books not to be going – to YOU!

(I mean, think about it … some of that is very hardcore erotica, if THOSE are making good gifts and “warming people up”, hehe – no reason for the fitness books not to!).

My friend – take action NOW.

Contact me personally, shoot me an email, and I’ll see you get the best prices possible for the paperbacks/hardcovers you want.

Remember, shipping for these is FREE and included!

If you order NOW, you will most likely get it by the end of the year.

So take action NOW, friend. Please stop procrastinating and please turn off “silent mode”, it doesn’t serve any purpose…

(and of course, digitally, all open as usual for those of you wanting Kindle downloads etc).

Thank you!


Rahul Mookerje

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